Planning & Engineering Regulations

Engineering Services is responsible for working with Development & Planning in the review and comment phases of applications for MASP, ASP, Outline Plans, and land use, zoning amendments, and major construction projects.  These reviews ensures appropriate development standards; servicing requirements and good engineering practices are met.

Engineering is responsible to ensure conformity to sound engineering principles and engineering design criteria and standards of the City for:
a) The review and approval of final detailed engineering designs for all site plan applications and plans of subdivision included within agreements,
b) Inspection of the infrastructure during construction.
c) Review and approval for new residential, commercial and industrial development, capital reconstruction works, site works and traffic studies.
d) Management of the City’s roadway networks, including traffic impact and transportation network studies,
e) Management of department staff and other resources, including professional engineering consultants and private contractors involved with City and private development and construction of road and utilities.

The following documents are intended for use by City staff, Consulting Engineers, Designers, and Contractors designing and constructing engineering infrastructure that the City will own and operate:

Plans, Standards & Specifications  Year
Engineering Design & Construction Standards
Transportation Master Plan
Integrated Stormwater Management Plan
Utility Master Plan
Flushing, Testing & Disinfection Manual (new water & sanitary sewer mains)
Erosion and Sediment Control for Infill Developments - Good Housekeeping Practices
Stormwater Master Plan* In Development (see below)

Policies  Year
Chestermere Design Guidelines 2011
Public Art Policy 2015
Wetland Policy
Appendix A & B maps

 Bylaws Year 
Storm Sewers & Storm Drainage Bylaw
Wetland Bylaw 2015
Erosion Sediment Control Measures Bylaw Under review
Transportation Off-site Levy Bylaw 2017
Stormwater Off-site Levy Bylaw 2017
Water & Sanitary Sewer Off-site Levy Bylaw 2017
Chestermere Off-Site Levy Policy Framework 2017
Summary of 2017 Chestermere Off-Site Levy Bylaws 2017

* Stormwater Master Plan Development:

The City is developing a Stormwater Master Plan for Chestermere that will replace the Integrated Stormwater Management Plan.  To make sure we create an accurate plan, we want your opinion. Come join us and share your thoughts about stormwater and flooding in our community.  

Open House: June 25, 2018 from 5-7 pm at City Hall

Watch this space for ways to participate online following the event. Open house invite