Fire Safety Programs

fire prevention week

Blood Pressure Clinics

Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Chestermere Fire Hall

Beginning March 1, 2018, Chestermere Fire Services will be offering free blood pressure checks to residents. Residents can come by the Fire Hall during the designated times and get their blood pressure checked by a trained Firefighter on shift. Residents will receive a card with their blood pressure reading. Please note: Firefighters may in and out of calls, and stopping by does not guarantee a check. 

Tour & Appearances

You can book a tour or request an appearance/presentation from our Firefighters! Visit the following webpage for more info.

Chestermere Fire Services is proud to offer a number of Fire Safety Programs to the community. 

If you have any questions about these fire Safety Programs, or would like to schedule a home inspection, please call the Fire Hall at (403) 272-9878. 

  1. Fire Home Safety Surveys
  2. Play Safe, Be Safe!
  3. Regional Fire Safety Coalition

Fire Prevention Home Safety SurveyChestermere Fire Services offers home safety surveys to residents who request this service. 

Home Safety Surveys are an important element in proactively reducing the risk of a fire in your home. About the program:

  • Firefighters will come to your home and speak to you about fire home safety
  • Voluntary non-enforcement verbal survey to homeowners
  • Offer advice on how to prevent fires and injuries in your home.
  • Offer suggestions on making your home a safer place
  • Optional home check

Chestermere Fire Services crews will be around the community from June to October 2017. If they missed you, or would like a visit earlier contact (403) 272-9878 to book an appointment.

  1. After the Emergency
  2. Community Care Packs
  3. Home Escape Plans
  4. Fire Prevention Week

When Disaster strikes Chestermere Fire Services will be there to provide our residents emotional reassurance to best aid them in transitioning back to their normal life. After an emergency, Chestermere Fire Fighters will canvas the area affected by the emergency to deliver relevant educational information pieces and support services to aid in the recovery of those who are affected. The support provided by Chestermere Fire Services will enable people to gain closure from the incident and move forward with an enhanced relationship with Chestermere Fire crews.