Tax Payment Options

  1. Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPPs)
  2. One Time Tax Payment Options


If you want to avoid that large one-time tax payment or just average your expenses, the City of Chestermere offers the Tax Installment Payment Plan.

What is the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)?

This optional plan allows property owners to pay taxes by automatic monthly debit from their bank account. As a TIPP participant, you are not required to make an annual lump sum tax payment. Your taxes can be paid in monthly installments on the 15th of each month and adjusted automatically on an annual basis to reflect any tax changes for the current year. 

The monthly payment is calculated by dividing your annual property tax by 12. You will still receive a tax notice in June that shows your current taxes but it will also show a credit amount that is equal to the payments made to date.

TIPPs Participants:
Annual Tax Levy = January to June payments + July to December payments.

How do I participate in the Tax Installment Payment Plan?

To participate in the TIPP program:

  1. Complete the TIPP Agreement Form
  2. Return the form, your void cheque, and payment (to get your tax account up to date) to City Hall. For example, if you sign up in July, payments for January – June will be required before you can enroll. There is no application cost to sign up.
  3. The first payment will be withdrawn from your account on the 15th of the following month.
  4. Payments will continue to be withdrawn unless you submit a TIPP Termination Form
  5. Payments will be automatically adjusted each year (in July) to account for any changes in the tax rate. 
Note: If your home was a new build and was completed in the current calendar year, please call the Tax Department at (403) 207-7057 prior to signing up for TIPPs. 


Monthly TIPP payments are adjusted 2 times a year: every January and July.

These amounts are located on the left hand side of the yearly Tax Notice under
‘Tax Installment Payment Program’.

January to June TIPP payments
are a pre-payment for the current year taxes, based on the prior year’s tax amount and calculated by taking the

 Total previous year’s tax amount divided by 12 = January to June Monthly Withdrawal

July to December TIPP payments pay off the remaining current year taxes and are calculated by taking the

Current year taxes less January to June’s pre-payments then divided by 6 = July to December Monthly Withdrawal

For more information please call the Tax Department at (403) 207-7057 or email us.

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Note: The provincial government has a property tax assistance program for seniors. Visit their website to learn more.