Aquatic Invasive Species

What are Aquatic Invasive Species?

Aquatic Invasive Species are plants and animals (mussels) that can infest our lake, damage pumps and irrigation systems, and clog boat props. 

Once established, aquatic invasive species are almost impossible to remove. 

What you can do to protect Chestermere Lake:

If you want to launch a boat that has been in any body of water outside of Alberta:
  • Clean: Always clean, drain, and dry your boat and all recreational gear.
  • Dry: Keep the boat out of the water for at least 30 days to ensure no mussels have survived.
  • Inspect: If it has not been out of the water for more than 30 days, have your boat inspected. Call Toll Free: 1 855 336-2628 (BOAT) for the nearest inspection site.

Flowering Rush Research Update

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The City of Chestermere is pleased to collaborate with Alberta 

Agriculture & Forestry to better understand aquatic invasive species and the best methods to eradicate them. Ms. Nicole Kimmel will be in Chestermere throughout the summer conducting a research project on Flowering Rush. If you see any of these plants, do not remove or touch them as disturbing them can cause them to spread more easily. Learn more about Ms. Kimmel's Research here. 

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 Information about Chestermere's work on Aquatic Invasive SpeciesClick Here


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