Why did we looking at becoming a city?
We believe it was in the best interest of the community to look at changing our status to take advantages of the ‘city’ title and the economic benefits and influence, especially at a provincial, level that come with a status change.

In our province, a municipality must have over 10,000 residents in order to apply for city status. We reached that number in 2007 and continue to keep growing at a rapid pace. As a city, we are already larger than 4 other cities in Alberta.

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1. Why did we looking at becoming a city?
2. What changed since we became a city?
3. How does our new city title affect my taxes?
4. What are the benefits of changing our title to a ‘city’?
5. What are some examples of the types of businesses we would like to attract?
6. Where would these businesses go?
7. What was the process for the change to become a city?