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Relax & Enjoy the Water 
Chestermere Lake is a beautiful, 4.8 km long lake that provides many opportunities for residents to relax and enjoy the water.

Notice: Lake and ice rescue is not available on Chestermere Lake. You use the lake in any season at your own risk. Please note that it is never recommended that you venture onto lake ice of any thickness.

Boat Launch: The Boat Launch will operate from the May long weekend until October 13. 

Summer Activities

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  • Boating:  
    Boaters are welcome on Chestermere Lake. Check out the Boat Launch page for information on how to get on the water and then feel free to enjoy the wind in your hair, get out on a wakeboard, waterskiis, or tubes.

    While we invite you to enjoy all of these activities on the south end of the lake, the speed limit north of the bridge is 15 km / h. Please abide by all boating rules and regulations. 
    Boat Launch: Interested in boating on Chestermere Lake. This page will tell you all about the boat launch process.

  • Non-motorized Boating While motor boats are popular on the lake, you are also welcome to use non motorized boats such as canoes, kayaks, sailboats, paddleboats, and many more. There is currently no rental service in Chestermere so you need to bring your own watercraft. Launching small,Boating on Chestermere Lake portable, non motorized boats (i.e. kayaks, canoes, etc) is free to residents and visitors.

  • Fishing
    Fishing is welcome on Chestermere Lake. There have been several very large fish that have been caught in the lake and the next one could be yours. Be sure to get your fishing licence before you cast your line.
  • Enjoy a Lakeside Picnic or BBQ Sailing on Chestermere Lake

  • There are several lakeside parks in Chestermere that are available to the public. Check out our Parks and Pathways page to find the parks that have a boardwalk, beach volleyball, picnic facilities, and BBQs.

  • Swimming
    There is currently no public beach or gradual sloping shores in Chestermere. However, buoys are placed near the parks during the summer (Sunset, Anniversary and John Peake Park) that mark shoreline areas that can be used for swimming. Please be advised that you swim at your own risk. Picnic at Chestermere Lake There are no lifeguards on duty and there is no water rescue service provided on Chestermere Lake.

Businesses on the Lake
If you are interested in further instruction or opportunities on the lake provided by local businesses, check out the following:

Winter Activities

Winter is still a great time to get out and experience Chestermere! Read below for a list of common winter activities:

  • Skating: If conditions allow, the Public Works staff clear a skating rink and skating path close to Anniversary Park for the public to use. Please be aware that while the Public Works Department can provide you with the most current ice thickness you skate on the lake at your own risk.
  • Snowmobiling: Some residents enjoy cruising down the frozen lake in their snowmobiles or on ATVs. Enjoy but please check the ice thickness before you go and note that you use the lake at your own risk.

Please note:  The City does not give permits for any recreational activities on storm ponds. The water levels and ice thickness changes throughout the winter due to the freeze-thaw cycle and it is unsafe to be on these ponds. If residents choose to go on these ponds, they do so at their own risk. For more information, check out the Chestermere Winter Activities FAQs below.

Note: The Public Works Department can provide you with the most current ice thickness measurement but we do not recommend that it is safe to be on the ice at any thickness. You can reach Public Works at (403) 207-2807.

Irrigation Canal to Chestermere Lake

Lake Used for Irrigation
The lake is still actively used as a reservoir for irrigation canals that run along the north and south ends of the lake. As such, the Western Irrigation District (WID) is able to control the water levels. You can view current elevation details on their website at 

The lake water is raised in the early spring (usually mid to late April) and is lowered shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday. If you have any questions about the lake water levels, please contact the WID at (403) 934-3542.

Aquatic Invasive Species Information