Strategic Plan


February 21, 2018: City Council passes new 2018-2022 Strategic Plan. 

“As a Council, we have some very specific goals that we want to achieve during this term in office that were informed by our discussions with residents last fall,” says Mayor Marshall Chalmers. “This Strategic Plan clearly lays out the road map for how we hope to accomplish our goals and shape Chestermere into the community residents want.”

The plan begins by expressing Council’s overall desire for Chestermere in an updated vision, mission, and value statements. The vision of the City now describes future Chestermere as ‘a sustainable lakeside recreational community that is safe and family oriented.’ In order to achieve that aspiration, Council has set out a mission for Administration to ‘create an amazing place to call home through innovation and community collaboration.’ Council has also outlined new corporate values of being Accountable, Connected, Transparent, Inclusive, Viable, and Ethical. These ACTIVE values will inform the way in which goals are achieved.

Following the general statements of intent, the plan proceeds to outline 13 overall goals for the City. These goals include being a responsive local government, providing a sense of stability to City utilities, ensuring responsible City spending to mitigate tax increases, increasing the non-residential tax base, and developing the recreation potential of Chestermere.

“We created our goals based on the five pillars of sustainability: governance, economy, environment, social and culture. In doing so, we are ensuring that we have a comprehensive plan that contributes to a complete community,” says Mayor Chalmers.

The 13 goals are supported by 42 specific strategies that map the work Council would like to see achieved. Council has also set specific timelines and lead roles for each item to ensure its success.

Work on creating the plan began in December 2017 with a two day workshop with Council and Senior Administration for the City. A draft was reviewed in January and finalized for the February 20 Council Meeting.

“Council has put a great deal of hard work and thought into their Strategic Plan,” says Pat Vincent, the City’s Interim CAO. “The document lays out a clear plan for Administration and we look forward to working to achieve the goals set out by our elected officials.”

Now that the plan has been adopted, Council intends to review the 2018 budget. This review will determine if there are any adjustments needed to achieve the goals set out in the plan and find any possible efficiencies to reduce the tax burden on residents.

Strategic Plan

The 2018-2022 Strategic Plan outlines Council's vision, principles, and strategic initiatives for the coming years. It was adopted by Council on February 20, 2018. Please note that Council may occasionally amend the plan. Amended versions are at the bottom of this page. 

Read the plan below:          

Executive Summary

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Executive Summary here.

 Exec Summ Cover 

Municipal Development Plan

A Municipal Development Plan (MDP) is a community’s long term guide to growth and development. Chestermere’s 2016 MDP is a 25-year vision plan resulting from two years of public consultation, expert analysis, committee review, regional alignment, and Council consideration.

The Municipal Development Plan helps guide the future actions and decisions of Council and Administration and impacts planning, approvals, policies, bylaws, budgets, services and growth.

Read the 2016 Municipal Development Plan.

Corporate Business Plan

With a strong history of growth and innovation, the City of Chestermere has an ambitious plan to ensure that this community continues to be an amazing place for residents, visitors and businesses now and into the future. The long term Strategic Plan and Municipal Development Plan define Council’s high level vision and goals for the community. Based on those plans, Council sets a multi-year budget that outlines the projects and initiatives needed to ensure the City can move towards the longer term vision.

The City’s Corporate Business Plan acts as the bridge between the short term projects and long term plans. As one of the final components of the budget process, this plan comprehensively and cohesively outlines the work Administration plans to undertake over the next two years.

Plan Progress

You can view the quarterly Strategic Plan progress reports here: