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Information for Businesses & Community Groups

March 30:

All businesses permitted to remain in operation in Chestermere during the State of Local Emergency must follow the following strict protocols (as per the ORDER OF THE CHESTERMERE EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY):

  • Hand sanitizing stations must be available for all patrons and upon entry to their premise;
  • Physical distancing of no less than 2 meters must be practiced;
  • Any person displaying symptoms of illness must be refused entry to any commercial establishment; and
  • All keypads, payment terminals, automated teller machines, automatic transaction machines must be sanitized and disinfected after each use. Businesses are strongly encouraged to utilize “tap to pay” payment options.

Specific regulations were added for taxis, ride-sharing and car washes to keep the community safe when using these services.

  • Car washes may continue to operate as long as all spray guns, handles, vacuum stations and keypads are sanitized and disinfected after each use. All coin operated machines or keypads must be sanitized and disinfected after each use and any coins removed from any machine must be sanitized, disinfected and dried daily.
  • Taxi and ride share services may continue to operate in Chestermere as long as the interior of the vehicle is fully and regularly disinfected and sanitized. The City also requires that there is only one passenger per vehicle, the passenger sits in the rear seat and that rear seat must be sanitized and disinfected after each passenger pick up or drop off. Any taxi or rideshare passenger displaying signs of illness must be refused service and no driver is permitted to drive if ill. The only exception will be made for service providers transporting someone to a medical care facility as a patient.  Any such transport must be immediately reported to the Chestermere Emergency Management Agency and Alberta Health Services via 8-1-1. 

March 27: 

The City announced stricter measures for restaurants providing take-out and delivery options. Locally and provincially, dine-in restaurant service is now prohibited. Restaurants may offer delivery or takeout, provided that they have practices and procedures in place to ensure social distancing between customers; have trained its staff members to engage in, and its staff carry out, appropriate sanitary procedures and wherever possible, social distancing; and immediately notify our Emergency Management Team of a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 of a staff member and the particulars of the staff member and any persons who may have had exposure to the staff member within the last 14 days.

March 19: The City announced that specific industries in our community must close as they are not able to practice social distancing protocols due to the nature of their business. These include Barber shops, Hair Salons, Cosmetic services, Massage services, Chiropractic and acupuncture, Physiotherapy services, Optometrists and Hearing Services, as well as all day homes. Many of the local businesses in these sectors have already closed their doors for safety reasons, for that, we thank you. For the others we appreciate your full cooperation as we tackle these measures to protect our community. We will be reaching out to the businesses in these sectors if we have your contact information. If you have questions, you can also call City Hall at 403-207-7050. 

March 17: The Director of Emergency Management published a letter for businesses with recommendations on how to prepare and respond to the COVID-19 situation in Chestermere. Download the letter here.

Under the powers of the State of Local Emergency, the City is announcing three changes for businesses and residents: 

  1. Businesses must restrict the number of people on their premises to 50% or less of their maximum occupancy load. This includes staff. This mandatory requirement will ensure that people can safely practice social distancing.

  2. Businesses must have hand sanitizer stations at their location and require people to sanitize their hands before they enter the building. These are now mandatory measures for businesses in Chestermere. If businesses do not comply, they may face fines or closures.
  1. Residents are strongly advised to limit social gatherings in homes. Hosting or attending larger than normal sized gathering put you, and the people you love, at risk. We recommend that you cancel birthday parties, celebrations, anniversaries and parties until further notice.

CHEMA encourages community organizations to review their planned events using the Public Health Agency of Canada Risk Assessment Tool and postpone any events that could contribute to the transmission of respiratory pathogens.

The Mayor and Director of Emergency Management sent an email to community group leaders the afternoon of March 12. You can find a copy of that email here. 

If your organization would like to let the public know that you are COVID-19 Aware, you can download a poster here, add your information and post.

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