Positive Parenting Program (Triple P)

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Chances are you’re looking for practical help with some common parenting problems such as:

  • infant’s sleep-patterns or persistent crying   
  • toddler tantrums
  • mealtime mayhem
  • fighting and aggression
  • a young teenager’s defiance

Or there might be no problem at all.  You might be thinking about how to best support your child as he or she starts school, to set a homework pattern, to encourage healthy eating, or set a bedtime routine.  And if you’re “expecting”, it’s never too early to learn what to expect!

Whatever your parenting need, no matter how simple or complex, Triple P has the information, tip sheet, book, DVD, seminar, course, or practitioner to help you. As one of the few evidence-based parenting programs available worldwide, with over 25 years of proven clinical research to back it up, you can be sure Triple P works for the majority of families. Triple P has helped thousands of families and has the seal of approval of parents, practitioners, and experts worldwide. 

PCSS Selection of Programs

  • Triple P Selected Seminar Workshop Series – An introduction to the strategies of positive parenting and Triple P. Parents attend any number of three 90-minute seminars (Power of Positive Parenting; Raising Confident, Competent Children; and Raising Resilient Children) or any of the three seminars in the Teen Triple P Seminar Series (Raising Responsible Teenagers; Raising Competent Teenagers and Getting Teenagers Connected). Take-home tip sheets are given to all parents who attend Triple P seminars.
  • Triple P Discussion Groups  – Two-hour small group sessions, targeting a specific problem behavior or issue. Each discussion group can be taken as a stand-alone session or as part of a series. There are four topics for parents of children 0 –12 (Dealing with disobedience; Managing fighting and aggression; Developing good bedtime routines, and Hassle-free shopping with children) and four in Teen Triple P Discussion Groups for parents of 12 –16-year-olds (Coping with teenagers’ emotions; Reducing family conflict; Getting teenagers to cooperate, and Building teenagers’ survival skills).
  • Brief Primary Care and Brief Primary Care Teen – Delivered opportunistically by a practitioner who provides regular support to parents of children or teenagers. A brief, one-on-one consultation of 15–30 minutes targets a specific issue. If required, there can be a follow-up visit or phone call.
  • **NEW- Triple P Fear- Less - This program isn’t about eliminating fear altogether – sometimes, fear protects us. Instead, it’s about giving your family a toolbox of strategies, skills, and knowledge to manage anxious feelings and stop unnecessary worrying. Fear-Less Triple P is based on extensive research with families of anxious children by clinical psychologists. It is a cognitive-behavioral family intervention designed to be delivered to parents whose child, aged 6-14 years, is experiencing anxiety that impacts on their daily life. It can be completed in six group or individual sessions, or as an intensive 1-day workshop. 

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