Commercial Premise Business Permits & Licenses

Commercial Premise

If your business occupies a permanent building, property or physical location in Chestermere that is not your home or residence, click here to learn how to set-up-shop or renew your annual licenses.

Fee Schedule:

Chestermere business license fees - Commercial Premise

Annual: $150

After July 1: $75

After October 1: $40

Business Licence Deadline_ Jan 31
  1. Open or develop a new commercial business
  2. Business License Renewal - Commercial Premise

Open or develop a new commercial business in a building, property or physical location in Chestermere

Before you begin operations, you will need to obtain the proper permits before applying for a business license and opening your commercial location. Follow these steps to ensure you get your paperwork in order:

Step 1: Chose/Secure a Location

Check out some resources on available lease locations and resources for entrepreneurs. The commercial locations provided in this map include contact information for leasing opportunities

You may need to call the City Development Team and provide details about your business and desired location(s) to determine if your business is a permitted, discretionary or non-permitted use at that location(s). If you are looking for locations to develop and build a brand new commercial centre you will also need to Call (403) 207-7075, or email

If your business is a permitted use at your desired location or you are comfortable with the process as a discretionary use, you can secure your location. 

If your proposed location is considered a discretionary use, there is a more extensive process and waiting period to determine whether your business will be allowed at that location.  You may want to consider reserving the location or placing a caveat on any lease or purchase that says “subject to municipal approval.”

Step 2: Permits

When you have secured your location and have a possession date you may need additional building and/or development permits. If you are making any changes to the building or premises, or if the premises will require a change of use due to the new business, you will need to contact the City at (403) 207-7075, or email and ask to speak to a Technician or Safety Codes Officer.

Examples of the additional permits/forms you may need are:

If your business is a restaurant or food-based business, you will be required to provide a Food Establishment Permit or copy of your Health Inspection Form before completing step 3. (if you require more information contact Alberta Health Services at 1-833-476-4743)

If your business is involved in the motor vehicle industry, then you will need an AMVIC permit/license before completing step 3.

Once your required permits are reviewed and completed, a building inspection may be required before an occupancy permit can be issued.

Step 3:  Apply for a Business License

After you have been issued a Building Permit and/or have a AFO (Application for Occupancy), you can complete the New Business License Application 

New Business License Application - Commercial Premise

Step 4: Prepare to open

Once your location is finalized and your permits have been processed with an acceptable outcome, you will be issued with a business license and you can begin advertising and prepare to open!

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  • Business Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are typically due January 31 but have been extended to March 31 for the 2021 year.
  • Please take a look at the Business License Classification Reference Chart to determine how to classify your business as per the section that asks for the “nature of your business."
  • For more information on business licences, you can read our business license bylaw