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Home business

There are many successful home-based businesses in Chestermere! If you're thinking of starting an operation from your home, here's what you need to know: 

Major vs. Minor

When you apply for your home business permit, you will need to indicate if you are operating a major or minor home business: 

A Major Home-Based business typically has clients or customers parking at the home and/or entering the home. Examples include a piano teacher, car repair business, a seamstress, dog grooming, day home, etc.

A Minor Home-Based Business is typically a home-office that will not serve clients or customers on the premises. Examples include a graphic designer, consultant, engineering services, etc.

Fee Schedule:

Chestermere business license fees - Home-based businesses

Major Home BusinessMinor Home Business
Annual: $100Annual: $50
After July 1: $50After July 1: $25
After October 1: $25After October 1: $15

Business Licence Deadline_ Jan 31
  1. Open a new Major/Minor Home Business
  2. Business License Renewal – Major/Minor Home Business

Open a new Major/Minor Home Business

Step 1: Home Business Permit

Download and complete the Home Business Permit

You may need to contact the City Development Team and provide details about your business and the location of your home to determine if your business is a permitted, discretionary or non-permitted use at your location. Call (403) 207-7075, or email planning@chestermere.ca.

A Building Inspection or Safety Inspection MAY be required, and City Staff will schedule all inspections once the Home Business Permit Application is processed.  

Step 2: Apply for a Business License

Once you are issued with a Home Business Development Permit and the required safety inspections are completed, you can apply for your business license:

New Business License Application - Major Home Business

New Business License Application - Minor Home Business

Step 3: Prepare to open

Once your location is finalized and your permits have been approved, you will be issued with a business license and you can begin advertising and prepare to open!

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  • Business Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are typically due January 31 but have been extended to March 31 for the 2021 year.
  • Please take a look at the Business License Classification Reference Chart to determine how to classify your business as per the section that asks for the “nature of your business."
  • For more information on business licences, you can read our business license bylaw