Temporary, Seasonal or Other Business Licenses

Temporary seasonal or other business

If you operate a business in Chestermere seasonally (4 months of the year), monthly, weekly or daily, or you need to make changes to your business type, ownership or name, view the below options to submit your application forms.

Some examples of a temporary, seasonal or other business are: Christmas Tree Lots, Farmers Markets, and Special Events with Structures.

Fee Schedule:

Chestermere business license fees - Temporary, seasonal, other

1 Day$50
3 Consecutive Days$70
7 Consecutive Days$90
30 Consecutive Days$120
Seasonal 4 Month (consecutive)$150
Change of business type, ownership, or name$50
Appeal of refusal, revocation, or suspension $50
Business Licence Deadline_ Jan 31

Step 1: Secure Permits

If your business is a restaurant or food-based business, you will also need a Food Establishment Permit or copy of your Health Inspection Form before completing step 2.
(if you require more information contact Alberta Health Services at 403-943-2288)

If your business is involved in the motor vehicle industry, then you will need an AMVIC permit/license before completing step 2.

If you have any questions about obtaining additional permits before applying for a business license, call the City's Development Team at (403) 207-7075, or email planning@chestermere.ca

Step 2: Apply for a Business License

Once you are issued with the required permits, you can apply for your business license:

New Business License Application - Temporary, Seasonal or Other Business

Step 4: Prepare to open

Once your business license has been issued, you can begin your work in Chestermere!

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  • Business Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are typically due January 31 but have been extended to March 31 for the 2021 year.
  • Please take a look at the Business License Classification Reference Chart to determine how to classify your business as per the section that asks for the “nature of your business."
  • For more information on business licences, you can read our business license bylaw