2021 Recipients

United Way/Chestermere Partnership Funding - $50,000

Accredited Supports to the Community - $8,000.00

Healthy Families is a Home Visitation program for families with children 0-6 years. Providing in-home support, information and referrals in the areas of child development, positive parenting, family support, and community resources. Following guidelines established for Home Visitation by the Alberta Human Services Ministry and are members of the Alberta Home Visitation Network Association. The program has the unique ability to work with a family until the youngest child reaches school age. This allows that some families are on caseload for a few months, some for a few years.

Camp Chestermere - $14,237.20

Helping All Campers Succeed offers 1:1 program care for children with a wide variety of needs including ADHD, Autism, Asperger’s, Mental Health Concerns, Development Delays and more. Campers are assigned a leader for their week at camp who contact the families before arrival to work with them on designing programming for their child. These leaders would also provide training for all camp staff to ensure everyone is involved in helping all campers succeed.

Camp Chestermere - $8,608.00

The Volunteer Mentorship Program Coordinator interviews potential people who have been recommended through the Gateway program run by the Calgary Police Service. This coordinator provides more one on one assistance to the participants and supervises them while onsite at the camp. The position was expanded in 2018 to be able to welcome more participants who may have been recommended by their parents, other local agencies and the local RCMP detachment. The coordinator will also manage requests from volunteers in the community who wish to fulfil roles at the camp in the work crews, kitchen, water sports and more.

Chestermere Food Bank - $3,000.00

The Good Food Box is a program that promotes access to fresh produce to families at a low cost through three different box options once per month. Fresh fruit and vegetables help in preventive and early intervention in physical and mental health, providing protective factors through nutrition and fostering a healthier lifestyle.  

Junior Achievement of Southern Alberta - $5,333.80

Financial Literacy Classes for Chestermere Youth is a financial literacy program for grades 5 - 12. Each session is 4 hours of class time and is taught by trained community volunteers. Students learn about budgeting, saving, global currencies, free enterprise, entrepreneurism and safe online shopping. The classes provide an opportunity for students to learn from finance and business leaders in the community. Students learn how to evaluate their financial decisions, preparing them to make smart lifelong economic choices.

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society - $10,821.00

Care and Connection is a project to promote and support positive mental health for people of all ages. The project aims to support and educate youth, families, and community members on building coping skills, increasing resiliency, knowing when to seek support, understanding the importance of prevention and early intervention, and connecting community members to resources and services.


Family and Community Support Services Funding - $121,961.50

Camp Chestermere - $8,994.50

CLTD Teen Leadership is open to all Chestermere teenage residents as well as those outside of Chestermere. The program aims to help students develop into effective leaders not only at the camp but in their schools, sports teams and other activities they are involved in. Through sessions, activities, team-building games, applicable resources and more, Camp Chestermere encourages participants to explore their skills and abilities, learn how they best lead and work in a team, learn what healthy life choices look like, and learnt to value the importance of charity and volunteer work in their communities.

Chestermere Library - $6,075.00

Parenting2Go is a service that is utilized as a tool for facilitation and conversation starters between adult and children between the ages of 3 – 10 on difficult life topics.  The library will start with topics that are brought to us on a regular basis such as death, divorce, Covid-19 and illness, bullying, first day of school, racism, toilet training/issues, expressing feelings, sexuality, and beyond through materials and books in a backpack. 

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society - $10,000.00

Child Safety the goal of this project is to equip children and youth with the skills needed to be safe and feel confident in caring for themselves and others when at home alone. This program encourages the positive development of children and youth through personal empowerment, and the establishment of positive values, social competencies, and positive identity. Youth that have completed these courses have the knowledge and skills to be safe in their home, at school and in their neighbourhood. They are more confident and able to take on more responsibility in their home and others when babysitting. 

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society - $9,632.00

Mental Health Coalition is a multi-sectoral group of professionals and community members who have come together with the goal of supporting and encouraging the positive mental health of the community as a whole. The Mental Health Coalition was established in April 2019 and is coordinated by Synergy in partnership with the Calgary Rural Primary Care Network. The idea for the Coalition came from an increasing observation of the need for organizations and agencies to concentrate their efforts in supporting youth, family and community mental health. 

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society - $53,160.00

SHOUT Based on the One Circle Curriculum, the weekly SHOUT Boys/Girls Program has been delivered to the community and local schools for the past four years. Program Coordinators are able to adapt the program content and activities to meet the specific needs of youth ages 10-13 as well as 13+ in each session. Each program has individual lesson plans with goals that target fundamental aspects of youth development which include goals of building healthy relationships.

Synergy Youth and Community Development Society - Synergy - $34,100.00

YELL Youth This program for youth ages 13+ became part of Synergy in 2013 and has been formalized into an actual Youth Council since then. YELL Youth Council is a formal leadership program that incorporates the City of Calgary’s credible and well-known LEAD (Leadership, Empowerment, Achieving a Difference) curriculum. Teens can earn a LEAD certificate that is recognized in and around Calgary, as well as post-secondary and scholarship applications. YELL members are regularly credited with inspiring individual adults and groups to become involved in community capacity building.