Chestermere Family Bike Park

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The park is typically open at all times unless weather conditions dictate that it be closed. This is mainly to avoid damage to the park’s riding condition. 

Please note: our Facebook page is monitored Mon-Fri during business hours only.

Mission & Values

The City of Chestermere strives to create a safe and challenging bike park environment that promotes stewardship from users and provides skill development opportunities for residents of all ages.

Reach * Ride * Respect

Reach your potential
Ride safely
Respect the park

About the Park:

  • Located at 333 West Creek Drive, Chestermere, AB- View Map
  • 2019 Open April - October (weather permitting)
  • Public park with amenities for all ages and skill levels

Contact Us

(403) 207-7050 ext. 7096