Chestermere Family Bike Park


The Bike Park is OPEN.

In the event of wet weather, the park will be closed for up to 36 hours. Please note that intermediate and advanced runs are still closed until further notice.

Last Updated: August 5, 2020 at 4:00 pm

The updated hours of the park have returned to normal (7:30am until dark). Weather permitting.

  • Staff will be monitoring the total number of bikers in the park and closing the gate when the maximum capacity is reached 
  • Equipment is not sanitized and you are using the park at your own risk 
  • It is strongly recommended that all children 12 and under be accompanied by a parent or guardian 
  • All users (children, parents, guardians) must maintain a two metre physical distance from any person who does not live in their household 
  • Users are required to sign-in with their name and phone number (and/or the contact information for a parent/guardian). 
  • In the event of an injury, a first aid kit is available, but users/parents/guardians must apply first aid 
  • Failure to comply with these requirements may result in removal from the park, fines and/or the park being closed.


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The park is typically open at all times unless weather conditions dictate that it be closed. This is mainly to avoid damage to the park’s riding condition. 

Please note: our Facebook page is monitored Mon-Fri during business hours only.

Mission & Values

The City of Chestermere strives to create a safe and challenging bike park environment that promotes stewardship from users and provides skill development opportunities for residents of all ages.

Reach * Ride * Respect

Reach your potential
Ride safely
Respect the park


Contact us at 403-207-2807 or email