Councillor Stephen Hanley

Councillor HanleyAbout Councillor Stephen Hanley

I am a retired Senior Financial Partner from a leading North American Railway. Prior to retiring, I lead a team of business and accounting professionals that provided financial support and business operations analytics. During my career, I have lived in many cities. When retiring, my wife and I chose to return to Alberta. We moved to Chestermere in October of 2017 to be closer to family and friends. We have met many wonderful, caring people and care deeply about our community.

Contact Information: 

Current Committees:

  • Assessment Review Board (1 Year)
  • Audit Committee (1 Year)
  • Chestermere Emergency Management Advisory Committee
  • Community Grant Funding Adjudication Committee (1 Year)
  • Human Services Advisory Board (1 year)
  • Service Level Review Steering Committee