Councillor Sandy (Sandeep) Johal-Watt

Councillor Johal-WattAbout Councillor Sandy (Sandeep) Johal-Watt

Our family of four moved from the high-density neighborhoods of Northern Hills, Calgary to Chestermere in 2014. I have firsthand knowledge of the financial affairs of a city the size of Chestermere with exposure to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), budgeting, forecasting, calculation of the property (mil) rates and day to day accounting and finance. I am well versed in understanding revenue and expenses and how to deep dive into complex financial matters.

Contact Information: 


Current Committees:

  • Audit Committee (1 Year)
  • Chestermere Emergency Management Advisory Committee
  • Community Grant Funding Adjudication Committee (1Year)
  • Human Services Advisory Board (1 Year)
  • Mayor’s Task Force for Youth (1 Year)
  • Police Communications Committee (2 Years)
  • Streetscape Committee (2 Years)