Councillor Ritesh Narayan

Councillor NarayanAbout Councillor Ritesh Narayan

I have been a proud resident of Chestermere since 2006 and was elected as a city councilor in 2017. I am a criminal justice and law lecturer in the Department of Economics Justice & Policy at Mount Royal University. I have a Ph.D. in Human Services & Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Law, and Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Law. . I have worked for various law firms but primarily focus on teaching now.

Contact Information: 

Current Committees:

  • Chestermere Accessibility Advisory Committee (2 Years)
  • Chestermere Emergency Management Advisory Committee
  • Inter-City Forum on Social Policy (1 Year)
  • Police Communications Committee (2 Years)
  • Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (1 Year)
  • Welcoming and Inclusive Communities Committee