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North Acreages & Paradise Meadows Resident/Landowner Strategic Meetings

Are you a resident or homeowner in Chestermere's North Acreages or Paradise Meadows? 

Please Fill Out the Following Surveys Regarding North Acreages and Paradise Meadows Developments:

Paradise Meadows Survey

North Acreages Survey

At the request of Chestermere City Council through a motion passed October 18, 2022, City Administration is coordinating a Strategic Meeting for North Acreage and Paradise Meadows residents and landowners.

This strategic planning session aims to have Council, residents/landowners of North Acreage and Paradise Meadows, and Administration explore and discuss development options to help residents/landowners provide input on which opportunity may work best for them and their unique property goals.

We encourage all North Acreage and Paradise Meadows residents and landowners to attend this in-person Strategic Meeting. Please come with all your inquiries and be open for discussion.

If you have any questions, please contact us at