Presenting to Council

Individuals wishing to appear before Council are encouraged to do so at the monthly Committee of the Whole meeting which occurs every second Tuesday of each month. The delegation portion of these meetings begins at 6:00 p.m. To view all Committee of the Whole dates, please visit the Council meeting calendar. 

Making a Request to Appear Before Council 

Send an email to Legislative Services and include an explanation of your item and why you wish it to be brought to Council. Presenters are required to prepare reading material to be included in the agenda package. All requests to appear before Council and reading material must be submitted two Thursday’s prior to the meeting. Late requests will be deferred to the next meeting.  

Presenting to the Council

The Delegations portion of Committee of the Whole meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. Based on the number of delegations on the agenda, you will be provided with an approximate time for your presentation.

Following your presentation, Council (the Committee) may either refer your item to staff or refer a decision to be made at a Regular Meeting of Council. 

Public Input
All Council Meetings and Committee of the Whole meetings are open to the public, and people are free to come and go during the meeting.

Committee of the Whole meetings: members of the public may address the Committee through the Public Input Session. At this point in the agenda, they may ask questions or provide comments on issues that the Committee is presently dealing with or any other issue that is of interest to the general public.

Council Meetings: members of the public may address Council through Question Period where they may ask questions on issues that Council is presently dealing with or any other issue that is of interest to the general public. 

Questions and comments are to be submitted to by 12:00 noon the Monday prior to the meeting you wish your question or comment be addressed at. 

While Council will do their best to provide answers to delegations, questions may be directed to the appropriate agency or staff member for follow-up after the meeting. Please be prepared to leave your contact information if follow-up is required. 

In addition to the above opportunities to address Council, we encourage the public to also reach out to Council or the City directly. 

If you have any questions, please contact Legislative Services by email or call (403) 207-7050.