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iStock_000012181084_Large.jpgCouncil creates boards and committees to provide recommendations to Council, as well as to invite feedback and input from residents on various topics. The list below explains the responsibilities of each committee and how often they meet.

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Boards & Committees Currently Accepting New Applicants

Audit Committee
This committee makes recommendations to Council on the selection of Chestermere’s auditor, provides oversight of the financial reporting process, reviews the auditor’s reports, provides insight to the financial reporting, and reviews the auditor statements. This board meets several times per year as necessary. Current Council Representative(s): Councillor Young, Councillor Burness. 

Human Services Advisory Board
This board develops and reviews priorities for FCSS and United Way project funding in relation to Chestermere’s social infrastructure. They are responsible for reviewing and assessing all funding applications. The board advocates locally, regionally, and provincially for enhanced social infrastructure that will benefit the community while actively seeking out information from the general population related to perceived community needs. This board meets approximately once a month. View more information about this Board. Current Council Representative(s): Councillor Narayan, Councillor Foat. 

Police Communications Committee
This committee provides a casual forum to receive input from the community and share information with respect to communicating items of public safety objectives and priorities. Current Council Representative(s): Councillor Burness, Councillor Narayan.

Streetscapes Committee 
This committee identifies opportunities for visually enhancing the streetscape of Chestermere to encourage the visual appeal of commercial, public and residential areas. The Committee meets once per month for 1-2 hours and will collaborate and contribute to community parks projects such as: planters, benches, banners, public art, as well as the Birth Forest and annual Winter Lights Festival. Current Council Representative(s): Councillor Young, Councillor Burness. 

Partnerships/Community Committees:

Members of Council sit on the following boards & committees:

  • Calgary Airport Community Consultative Committee
  • Calgary Emergency Management Agency and Committee
  • Calgary Intermunicipal Committee
  • Calgary Metropolitan Region Board
  • Chestermere Chamber of Commerce
  • Chestermere Utilities Incorporated Board
  • Community Futures
  • Inter-City Forum on Social Policy
  • Rocky View Intermunicipal Committee