Road Maintenance

The Roads and Stormwater Team is responsible for: 

Note: This excludes areas under developer control. Check the Street Sweeping Map to see areas currently under developer control.

Catch Basins

If it’s safe and possible to do, you may clear ice and snow that’s blocking your catch basin (also known as a storm drain) to help water flow. If you are unable to clear the ice and snow yourself, please email or call Community Operations at 403-207-2807.

Do not attempt to clean a catch basin if submerged in water. You cannot be sure if the grate is intact, presenting a safety risk. If the drain is covered in water, please email or call Community Operations at 403-207-2807.

Pooled water on your street

In some areas, we install inlet control devices in the drain to control how fast water flows. They are designed to keep water on the road until the system can accept the extra water.

The flooding on your street will eventually drain once water volumes lower - this can take up to 2 hours after heavy rain has ended. These devices prevent the storm system from being overwhelmed causing water backups, flooding to houses, garages and businesses.