Snow Routes & Parking Bans

Current Snow Route Parking Bans

There are currently no parking bans in effect. 

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Snow Routes

The following roadways are designated as "Snow Routes":

  • Marina Drive from West Chestermere Drive to Stonemere Point (120-405 Marina Drive)
  • All of Invermere Drive
  • Windermere Drive from Marina Drive to Invermere Drive (204-280 Windermere Drive)
  • All of West Lakeview Drive
  • West Creek Drive from 400 block of West Creek Bay to Rainbow Falls Drive (256-320 West Creek Drive)
  • Rainbow Falls Drive from Rainbow Road to Topaz Gate (134-268 Rainbow Falls Drive)
  • Kinniburgh Boulevard from Kinniburgh Way to Kinniburgh Circle (325-393 Kinniburgh Boulevard)

Being on a snow route means that after a large snowfall (that is not expected to melt in the near future) residents and visitors will be asked to move vehicles off the street from 8:00am – 4:30pm on certain days so snow plows can remove as much snow as possible from the roadway and the parking lanes.

While the roadway will be considered a ‘snow route’ all year long, there will only be specific times when a parking ban is declared and you will be asked to keep your vehicle off the street.

You will be notified that there is a parking ban in place for your street by

  • Temporary Signs (example below): If we need you to move your vehicle, there will be sandwich boards placed in your area at least 24 hours in advance letting you know.

Parking Ban in Effect Sign

  • Website: If a parking ban has been declared for your area, it will be posted on our website on our homepage and on the top of this page.

Homepage Notification

  • Notifications: Sign up to receive Voyent Alerts on your cell phone or by email when a Snow Route Parking Ban is issued.

Note: If you do not move your vehicle when a parking ban is in effect, your vehicle will be towed to the Classic Towing Impound Lot (285200 61 Ave Rockyview, AB) and you will receive a fine.


Contact Community Operations by Email or call (403) 207-2807.