Lights & Traffic Signs

Have you noticed a streetlight, traffic light or park light not working in our city? Find the appropriate contact below:

Highway 1 - TransCanada Highway

Highway 1 is owned by the Provincial Government and is maintained by their contractor. 

If you have concerns about this highway, call 1 (888) VSROADS (1-888-877-6237). Visit the Volker Stevin Highways website for more information.

Park Lights

Email Parks or call Community Operations at (403) 207-2807.

Street Lights 

Fortis Alberta maintains all street lights in Chestermere. Check out their Streetlight Repair Map to request a repair or call Fortis Alberta at 403-310-WIRE (9473).

Screencap from Fortis Alberta's Streetlight repair website

Traffic Lights 

The City has 4 intersections with traffic lights:

  • Chestermere Blvd and Rainbow Road
  • Chestermere Blvd and Marina Drive
  • Chestermere Blvd and West Chestermere Drive
  • Chestermere Blvd and East Chestermere Drive

*In the event of a power disruption, the traffic signals are set to flash red in all direction. Treat the intersection as a four way stop.

Reminders for a four way stop:

  • All drivers must use courtesy and caution.
  • Courtesy is to allow the vehicle that arrived first to proceed first.
  • If two vehicles arrive at the same time, courtesy allows the vehicle on the right to proceed first. 
  • A motorist may not proceed unless you can do so safely.

Email Roads or call Community Operations at (403) 207-2807 if you need to report an issue with any of the lights at these intersections.

Traffic Signs 

The Roads Department conducts weekly inspections of all roads, curbs, gutters and traffic signs in Chestermere. Missing, damaged, or faded signs are identified and corrected as soon as possible. You can assist us by reporting missing or obstructed signs that you encounter during your travels.

Email Roads or call Community Operations at (403) 207-2807.


Contact Community Operations by Email or call (403) 207-2807.