Road Weight Restrictions

Permits may be obtained through Roadata Serivces Ltd. Please contact them by phone at 1-888-444-9288 or visit their website for all inquires about overweight/over-dimensional permits, including TAC permits.

The City imposes road weight restrictions to prevent damage to our roads.

It is the operators’ responsibility to be aware of road weight restrictions. Road restrictions may be changed without notice.

If you are able to break down your loads (for example: water, pipes, tiles, gravel, fill, concrete mixers, solid waste), a permit is not required. All current road bans within the City must be adhered to.

Email permits for overweight/over-dimensional loads will no longer be issued after March 1, 2020. Annual permits issued for 2020 expired on March 1, 2020.

After March 1, 2020, permits for non-divisible overweight/over-dimensional loads will only be approved through Roadata Services Ltd. or TRAVIS - see TRAVIS login page here and TRAVIS FAQ page here.

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Road Weight Restrictions (Road Bans) in Effect

Effective September 1, 2020

Read the City of Chestermere Road Ban Order

All weights are in reference to Alberta Transportation seasonal axle weights.

All local roads (except as listed below)90%
Chestermere Boulevard100%
Paradise Road75%
Rainbow Road between Rainbow Falls Gate and Township Road 240 (see bridge restriction)50%
Rainbow Road south of TransCanada Highway 150%
Range Road 281 South of Township Road 24050%
Range Road 282 between Township Road 240 and WID Canal50%
Range Road 284 Between Chestermere Blvd and Township Road 24050%
Township Road 240 from Range Road 282 to Eastern Chestermere Boundary50%

Bridge Restriction - Rainbow Road:

  • Single (CS1) – 8 Tons Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Semi (CS2) – 13 Tons Gross Vehicle Weight
  • Truck Train (CS3) –  19 Tons Gross Vehicle Weight

See FAQs tab for more information about bridge weight restrictions.

Weight restrictions are as follows:

  • Steering axles on tractors 5,500 kgs maximum
  • Steering axles on trucks 7,300 kgs maximum
  • Single axles 9,100 kgs maximum
  • Tandems 17,000 kgs maximum
  • Tridems on LOCAL ROADS 17,000 kgs maximum according to section 9(1)(f)(ii) of the Commercial Vehicle Dimension and Weight Regulations Alberta Regulation 315/2002.