Animal Services

To obtain or renew a dog license: 

Renew your license
  • Dog licences expire December 31. Renewal payment is due January 31.
  • You can renew by PayPal (see form above) phone, drop box or PayPal. 
  • If renewing by drop box at City Hall, please ensure you include the name of the person the license is under. Payment by cheque only, please do not deposit cash.

Fees for Dog Tags

  • Dogs that have been spayed or neutered: $35
  • Dogs that have not been altered: $55

Off Leash Dog Park

There is an Off-Leash Area at the northwest end of the Lake.

Please be aware that you are still responsible to pick up after your pet in the off leash area. You are not allowed to let your dog run loose except in the off-leash area. 

Dog Ownership Expectations

  • If your dog defecates on someone else’s property, it is your responsibility to remove any fecal matter.
  • If your dog runs away or is lost, please contact the Peace Officers at (403) 207-7058. If the Peace Officers find your pet, you may be charged fees associated with the care of your pet until you retrieve him / her.
  • A limit of 2 dogs are allowed per household
If you have any other questions, you can look at the Animal Control Bylaw at or contact the Peace Officers at (403) 207-7058.

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