2020 Tax Notice Information: 

Residents will receive their 2020 Tax Notice during the first week of August.

  • Residents on TIPPs (Monthly payments): Your monthly rate will be automatically adjusted on September 15th. More details are available here.
  • Residents who pay through a mortgage company: No action is required as your mortgage company will arrange payments.
  • Residents who pay in a lump sum: Taxes are due on or before September 1, 2020. More details are available here.

For residents who asked to defer their payments, the City finance staff will be in contact in August to set up a mutually-agreed upon payment plan. if you have any questions once you receive your tax notice, please contact the Tax Clerk at 403-207-7057 or email

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About Your Taxes

In Alberta communities, residents pay taxes for municipal services (i.e. roads, libraries, policing, etc.) based on the value of their property. 

How Your Taxes are Calculated:

The Tax Rate Bylaw is passed each year in May following the budget and the tax rate is set. 

The tax rate is the City's tax requirement divided by the total assessed value in the community. To determine each property's fair share, the assessed value of a property is multiplied by that year's Tax Rate (Individual property taxes = Property's Assessed Value x Tax Rate.)

Example: $478,238 (property assessment) x 5.379672 (municipal tax rate) ÷ 1000 = $2,573 annual municipal taxes.

2020 Tax Rates:

  • School Rate: 0.002547096
  • Municipal Rate: 0.005120089
  1. Paying your Taxes
  2. Assessment Information
  3. About your Tax Notices
  4. City Financial Information
  5. COVID-19 Property Tax Deferral Program

2020 Important Dates:

(Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, dates for 2020 are different than previous years)

  • May: Assessment Complaints are due. Click here to learn more about the Assessment Complaints process.
1st Week of August
  • Tax Notices are sent to residents. Check out our "How to Read Your Tax Notice" for more information.
September 1
  • Taxes are due (unless you are enrolled in the TIPP program)
December 31

Contact Information

Tax Clerk: Email 
P: (403) 207-7057