Provincial Education Taxes

Education Property Tax

The City of Chestermere is required by legislation to bill and collect school taxes on behalf of the Provincial government. While the City bills and collects school taxes, the City has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations. According to the Municipal Government Act, the City is required to include the education amounts on property tax bills.

Each year the province calculates the amount that each municipality must contribute towards the public education system. The calculation is based on a formula that includes the amount of assessment in each municipality.

For more information on your education property taxes or education funding, contact Government of Alberta Education Property Tax line at (780) 422-7125 or toll-free by dialing (403) 310-0000.

New Home Buyers

If you have purchased a home recently in Chestermere please fill out the form below to declare your school support declaration. This form enables you to indicate whether you are a public or separate school supporter.

School Support Declaration form

If the Tax Department does not have your declaration on file by December 31 of the current year, your school taxes are allocated 100% to the Alberta School Foundation Fund (ASFF). If you have not filed a declaration, or if you wish to change your school support for the next year, please contact our office.