Booking a Park

Events in Chestermere Parks

Thinking of holding a special event in one of our Chestermere parks? Please be aware that to use a park or the pavilion for more than 50 people, you will need to:
  • Attain licences (depending on your event)
  • Check availability
  • Obtain insurance
  • Submit a deposit
  • Submit a completed Parks and Pavilion Booking Form at the bottom of this page with agreements at least three months in advance.
Applications for events must be submitted to the City of Chestermere no less than three months in advance of the event date.
This is an application/request only and does not guarantee a permit will be issued. To ensure complete understanding of all requirements, please read the “Requirements for Park & Pavilion Bookings” and the “Terms and Conditions” below.

 For more information, please contact Events Coordinator Nancie Huneault at (403) 207-7050 ext.7051 or 

  1. Booking Requirements
  2. Terms and Conditions
  3. Permit and User Fees

Requirements for Park & Pavilion Bookings

Noise Levels 

The noise bylaw is intended to assist organizers in ensuring that noise from the event does not intrude unreasonably upon residents living/or working adjacent to the event site. 

The guidelines explain the responsibility that event organizers have to monitor noise resulting from the presence of your event occurring in a public park area. 

The City of Chestermere reserves the right to require that the event organizer and/or sound contractor reduce amplified sound levels if these are found to be excessive (e.g. causing undue public complaints, unreasonably interfering with adjacent users, or exceeding noise bylaw limits, etc.) 

Sound checks or amplified music will only be allowed during the following hours:

  • Monday to Thursday 11:00am - 9:00pm
  • Friday / Saturday 11:00am - 10:00pm
  • Sunday 1:00pm - 9:00pm
Organizers must provide residents adjacent to the event site or others that may be impacted by the occurrence of a large event with advance written notification about the event, the date times of event.

Insurance Requirements 

The City of Chestermere must be provided with a copy of your insurance certificate indicating a minimum of $2 million or up to $5 million

(depending on the impact and complexity of the event) requesting General Liability insurance and listing “City of Chestermere” as additional insured no less than three weeks prior to event.


All fees and projected costs must be paid prior to the event date unless other arrangements have been agreed upon. Payments can be made at the Municipal Office (cash/debit or cheque), mail and drop off box for after hours. Damage deposits will be cashed and refunded upon completion of follow up site inspection. 


If you cancel with more than 5 working days notice, a $50.00 cancellation fee will apply. If you cancel with less than 5 working days notice, you will lose your payment fee.