Business Licenses

Get a License Before Opening

When you're caught up in the excitement of starting a new business, it's easy to ignore the need for licenses and permits. However, licenses and permits are mandatory, and before you can legally begin to operate your business, you need to have all its licenses and permits in place. Additionally, if your business has employees or sells taxable goods or services, you need to register with the taxing authorities. 

Anyone operating a business in Chestermere must obtain a business license. This includes: 
  • Businesses in their own building
  • Businesses leasing space from another company
  • Businesses who are contracted to do work in Chestermere
  • Home Businesses will also need a home occupation permit
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Why are Business Licenses Required?

Licenses are required for two main purposes:
  • To identify your business and make sure you are accountable for your actions
  • To protect the public health and safety

Obtaining a Business License

To obtain your business license:
  1. Fill out the new business license application or the business license renewal form. Please take a look at the Business License Classification Reference Chart to determine how to classify your business as per the section that asks for the “nature of your business."
  2. Sign it and return to City Hall with your payment
  3. The receptionists will process your application and provide you with a license and receipt
  4. For more information on business licences, you can read our business license bylaw

Note: Licenses expire December 31 of each year. Payment for licenses for the year are due January 31.


The fees for a business license are as per Schedule A of the Bylaw: 
License Type Annual Fee  After July 1  After October 1
Chestermere Business: Commercial Premise $150  $75  $40
Chestermere Business: Major Home Business $100  $50  $25
Chestermere Business: Minor Home Business $50  $25  $15
Non - Chestermere Business $300  $150  $75

Other Types of Licenses

1 Day $50
3 Consecutive Days $70
7 Consecutive Days $90
30 Consecutive Days $120
Seasonal 4 Month (consecutive) $150
Change of business type, ownership, or name $50
Appeal of refusal, revocation, or suspension  $50