Public Hearings

Council ChambersOn various plans and projects, Public Hearings are required to be held so Council can hear various opinions on a proposal.

Public Hearing are usually held following the first reading of a bylaw and are advertised for at least two weeks prior to a Public Hearing.

Public Hearings are typically scheduled for the second Council meeting of the month in the evening. Public Hearing agendas are posted on the Agendas & Minutes page. 


Public Hearings follow the Procedural Bylaw (Bylaw 025-11).

At the beginning of the hearing, the Mayor or presiding officer, will state the matter being considered and outline the public hearing process.

Staff will then give a report on the bylaw and items Council may wish to consider. Following the staff report, the applicant will have fifteen minutes to present their position. Council may then ask questions of the applicant.

Following the presentation, Council will give time for anyone who wants to speak in favour or against the bylaw.

Speaking at the Public Hearing

If you wish to speak at the public hearing (either in support or against a proposed bylaw) you must:
  • State your Name
  • State your Address
  • Indicate if you are speaking for yourself or on behalf of a group/organization
You will have five (5) minutes to speak. You may be asked questions by Council following your five minutes.

Everyone who wishes to speak will have an opportunity to do so.

If you would like to speak at a public hearing but cannot attend, you can have someone else speak on your behalf. However, you must authorize them to do so in writing by providing Administration with a signed statement indicating your name, the name of the person speaking on your behalf, and the number of the bylaw being addressed.

After a Public Hearing

Following a public hearing, Council will close the public hearing. They will then decided to
  • Make amendments (if necessary) and pass the bylaw
  • Defeat the bylaw
  • Postpone consideration of the bylaw to another date
If you have any questions about Public Hearings, please contact Administration.