About your Taxes

2020 Tax Notice Information: 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the City delayed the tax payment deadline until September 1. Residents will receive their 2020 Tax Notice during the first week of August. It will include the 2020 municipal taxes and the provincial education taxes (which are collected by the municipality on behalf of the provincial government).

Here is what residents need to know about 2020 taxes:

Residents who are part of the Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP): No action is required upon receipt of your bill. Your monthly rate will be automatically adjusted on September 15th. More details about the new calculation will be on the back of the tax notice.

Residents who pay through their mortgage company: No action is required upon receipt of your bill as your mortgage company will arrange for payment. You will receive a copy of your bill with more information.

Residents who pay in a lump sum: Taxes are due on or before September 1, 2020. Payments can be made over the phone, via mail or by online banking. Payments can be by made via credit card, debit or cheque. More details about payment options will be on the back of the tax notice. Interested in joining the monthly payment plan? Contact taxes@chestermere.ca.

For residents who asked to defer their payments, the City finance staff will be in contact in August to set up a mutually-agreed upon payment plan.

If you have any questions once you receive your tax notice, please contact the Tax Clerk at 403-207-7057 or email taxes@chestermere.ca.


Tax Insert 2020

 An update from the City about ongoing projects, programs and tax information. 

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Back of Tax Notice

Need to review ways to pay and other information on the back of your notice? A copy is available here. 

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How to Read your Tax Notice
A step by step guide explaining the various components of the annual notice. 
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How your Taxes Are Used
See the breakdown of how much of your taxes go towards each City service. 
Provincial Education Taxes
While the City bills and collects school taxes, the City has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations.
Supplemental Taxes
Tax information for properties that are under construction. 
General Assessment & Taxation Information
Resources and information about the annual taxation and assessment process.