Cove Park Rehabilitation

Now Open!

Cove park during construction

Project Overview

The Cove beach rehabilitation project began in November and includes various construction phases throughout the year.  Phase 1 will include the beach and peninsula rehabilitation. Phase 2 will include the landscaping and natural playground design from April 2018 until September 2018. 

Some exciting new upgrades to the Cove Park will include:

  • New sand
  • Viewing point
  • Natural playground

The Park and beach area is scheduled to be complete before fall 2018. 


The City of Chestermere has long-term plans to upgrade our lakeside parks to provide the best recreation opportunities for all residents to access the lake. Following the Anniversary Park upgrade, Council asked staff to explore Cove Beach Park as the next lakeside parks project. 

In 2016, the City sought input from residents about how they would like to see the park change. Early in 2016, the Lakeside Parks Committee, consisting of residents and two Councillors, was enlisted to help assess the current park and identify opportunities for improvements. In May 2016, preliminary input and feedback was gathered from interested parties at “kitchen table” meetings hosted by Cove residents. From July 25 – August 15 we invited all residents to participate in a general survey.

Park Plans & Documents:


What were the results of the survey?

Survey and consultation feedback told us that residents wanted to see improved landscaping, more amenities, a better beach and a more welcoming space. We believe the planning for this park will cater to these needs. Thank you very much to everyone who took the opportunity to participate. We are excited to reveal this new space and thank you for your patience while we make it more enjoyable for all.

Is the Park private or public?

The Cove Park is a public space that the City has been maintaining for the past five years.

What does this project cost?

While we set aside $2 Million of provincial grant funding for this park as part of the City’s 10-year Capital Plan, the estimated budget will be under $700,000 from Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) Funding. As per our typical process, we are also seeking additional funding to help off-set costs.

Why is the park being closed for this time period?

The Western Irrigation District requires certain work to be done when the Lake is lowered, thus the beach work being done over the fall and winter. The landscaping and Park rehabilitation will require a closure during the summer of 2018. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your patience during the phases of construction.

Contact or call Kathy at (403) 207-7050 ext.7053 for more information about this project.