Bee City

There are many ways to help our native bees and honey bees thrive in our community!

1. Create habitat in your own back yard to help to feed pollinators and provide homes for native bees.  Check out our local plant list for plants that bees love and head to the local nursery or exchange some perennials with your neighbors!

2. Provide homes for solitary bees by clearing away mulch in spots in your plant/flower beds so bees can burrow into the soil. Build a bee hotel by drilling holes of different sizes into logs. 

3. Want a project that includes the kids? Here is a video on how to Build a Beehouse for younger children. 

Looking for new members! 

Are you interested in learning how to help native bees and other pollinators thrive in your neighborhood?

Volunteer with your local Bee City working group to learn about pollinators and how to create bee friendly gardens.

Volunteers of all ages will help to plan habitat creation projects, increase awareness and provide opportunities to educate residents about the importance of pollinators in our urban environment.

Please call the Chestermere Parks Department at (403) 207-2807 or email to get involved. 

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Chestermere: Western Canada’s first Bee City 

Only the second City designated in Canada, Chestermere is helping in the fight to save the declining population of bees.

Bees and other pollinators are struggling across Canada and around the world. It is estimated that 85% of flowering plants (including fruits and vegetables) depend on pollinators so a decline in their numbers could devastate food production.

The designation highlights Chestermere’s current efforts to promote healthy ecosystems such as the Community Garden, Chestermere in Bloom, the Birth Forest, as well as more than 70 parks and green spaces around the community.


In March 2016, Dr. Preston Pouteaux, a local beekeeper and advocate approached Chestermere officials about becoming an official Bee City. 

City staff set up a Bee City committee comprised of local community members and City staff. With the approval of City Council, they brought an application to Bee City Canada and were officially designated as a Bee City on July 27, 2016.

Going forward, the Bee City committee will implement pollinator friendly community initiatives and awareness opportunities. Residents are encouraged to stay tuned for programming, events and activities to learn more about how they can support pollinator populations.
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Quick Facts

The following information has been provided by the Chestermere Honey Bee Society. 

Bumble Bees: We love these gentle fuzzy bees. They focus on pollinating flowers and live in very small families. We advise leaving them alone, they likely won't be back next year, so enjoy them. 

Wasps: They build nests in our yards and scavenge, and they like to sting. They are pests and will hurt beneficial bugs. We advise that you get rid of them. 

Honey Bees: We really love them. They are valuable pollinators. When they swarm, they are just looking for a new home, so let's give them a hand. 

Have questions or need assistance? Contact local beekeeper Preston at (403) 880-6486.

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