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Dialogues for Diversity Series 3 Nov. 20

Dialogues for Diversity Series 3 -  November 20

Join us on Wednesday, November 20 from 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. at City Hall (105 Marina Road) for a FREE Paint Night with the theme of 'Belonging'

There are 20 spots available so please REGISTER NOW as spaces are limited! 

All painting supplies and materials will be provided!

We will be joined by special guest and painting instructor Lin Kingdon:

Lin was born in Calgary, lived in various places in Southern Alberta, but now resides in Chestermere, Alberta. When she was younger, lin K - paint night instructortravel with her family took her to many parts of Alberta and British Columbia, but as an adult she has been blessed to explore other parts of the world.

Lin’s art experiences began as a child with only drawing; continued through high school where she learned other mediums; followed by private lessons; classes at the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD); and creative guidance from other artists. These avenues provided new methods and styles that Lin has incorporated into how she would like to express her work. Inspired by the world’s diversity, she is never short of subjects and feels she can never have too many ideas to choose from. She takes her camera wherever she goes – just in case. Seeing detail in scenery, man-made things, animals and birds, Lin uses various types of mediums, to help immerse the viewer into the detail of the final piece of art.

Her passions include, but are not limited to, art; hiking; exploring; be it travelling and learning about places in the world; photography; seeing animals in their natural surroundings; and she is extremely fascinated about learning new things which satisfies her natural curiosity.

To belong is being present wherever she is. Whether she is out in nature; involving herself in communities that provide knowledge on how to help her family, other people or where she lives; she is the hand that goes up as an extra person to make things happen that benefit as many aspects of communities as possible. Jumping at the chance to participate in an initiative at the Langdon School, she loved teaching some of her knowledge of art with the Grade One children there.

Living in Chestermere, a community that has so much happening, provides inclusion of all its residents. This is important to her as she believes we are human first, we all deserve love, and we should take on opportunities to be part of the greater picture.

Since retirement, Lin has worked on expanding her portfolio, networking and has provided donations to people and organizations she cares about. Lin feels one should never stop learning and continues to try innovative ways of depicting the world through her eyes.

Check out Lin’s website at linkingdon.wixsite.com/throughlinseyes or email linnetts56@gmail.com.