Accessory Buildings Permits

Permit Application Processes and Packages

Please refer to the following application packages below when applying for the following minor-residential development.
  1. Accessory Buildings (Garage or Sheds)
  2. Pools and Hot Tubs
  3. Demolition of a Building
  4. Outside Fireplace


In most residential districts in the City of Chestermere, the following are considered Discretionary Use:

1. Accessory Buildings greater than 10m2.

2. The Second and Additional Accessory Buildings 10m2 and under.

Discretionary Use requires a Development Permit which is subject to the approval by the Development Officer. 

The approval shall be advertised in the local newspaper with a two (2) week appeal period.

Accessory Buildings Information Brochure

Application Package for Accessory Buildings

What does Discretionary Use of Land mean and how does it impact you?

A requirement of a Discretionary Use is to inform the public and affected neighbors about the proposed development in Chestermere. Public input will occur during your Development Permit application period via public advertisement in the local newspaper and letters to adjacent landowners.

The opinions of your neighbors and community are important to The City, and the public has an opportunity to provide input on your Development Permit application. The City recommends discussing your proposed development with your neighbors before or during the planning phase. Common issues can be addressed early, and your design might be able to accommodate concerns to help make your application process smoother for everyone.

Should the City receive an appeal to your application, then a hearing before the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board will be booked within 30 days of the receipt of the appeal. Whether or not your application is issued is now in the hands of the appeal board.