Permit Information

Development and Building Permit

A development permit allows a specific type of development to commence after it's been checked to adhere to all the regulations of the City of Chestermere’s Land Use Bylaw and any other relevant policies or plans, such as area development plans and the Municipal Government Act. Plan reviews, approvals, and site inspections may be part of the process; it looks at land use, site development, streetscape, planning principles, densities, landscaping, parking and more.

A building permit allows the construction, alteration, repair, relocation, demolition or change of occupancy for any building to commence in compliance with Alberta Building Code. The code is designed to reduce potential hazards of unsafe construction to provide for public health, safety, and welfare in the community. Mandatory inspections by the City’s Safety Codes Inspectors complement the contractor’s experience and act as a system of checks and balances resulting in a safer project.

Both a Development Permit and a Building Permit are required for most building construction and additions in the City of Chestermere. It is best to confirm with the Development Services Department whether you need a permit for your construction or renovation project.

Pre-application Meeting

Making a development and planning application for a major project may sometimes feel like a huge unknown-  from navigating the process, dealing with the decision makers and interpreting the nuances that can aid a smooth approval. Given all of this, it may be a sensible idea to seek pre-application advice before you proceed.

The City of Chestermere Community Growth & Infrastructure provides applicants an opportunity to schedule and have a Pre-Application Meeting with City staff which is an excellent way to test the planning waters before plunging in.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Identify the relevant guidance and policy considerations.
  • Identify site constraints and opportunities,
  • Identify proposals which have a reasonable prospect of success as well as those that are likely to be unacceptable.
  • Reduce time and cost if/when pursuing an application.
  • Ensure you provide the correct information to support an application.
Non-Residential & Multi-Family Permits
Permit information for developers, builders and business owners in Chestermere. 
Residents-permits and liscences-Model House on Plans
New Residential Permits
Single family and semi-detached permit construction information. 

Accessory Building Permits
Permit information for accessory buildings such as pools, hot tubs and garages. 

Renovations & Basement Development
Permit information on basement development, additions, renovations and decks.

Other Development Applications

Information application for Home Business, Docks or Watercraft Lifts, Fence or Retaining Walls, and Recreational Vehicle Parking.

Safety Codes Permits
Electrical, Plumbing or Gas Permits may be required when doing any kind of construction work.

The year-to-date permit stats information can also be found in here.
Cancellation & Permit Extension
Need a bit more time or change your mind? Find out how to change your permit.