Encroachment Policy and Procedure


Please note: As of July 18, 2016, the City of Chestermere does not allow encroachments on city roads or utility right of ways.

An encroachment is loosely defined as being any portion of a building, fence, driveway, retaining wall or
other structureEncroachments.jpg which extends onto City property. The City has established a corporate policy for processing encroachment agreements.

The City owns parcels of land, including streets and lanes, public utility lots and parks. The City also has interests in privately-owned lands by way of easements. These easements are granted to the City to allow utility line(s) to be installed and maintained on, over or under privately-owned lands. The rights and privileges of both the property owner and the City are specified in the easement document registered on the property title.

Community Growth & Infrastructure ensures that encroachments do not adversely affect the City lands and easements. This happens when the City’s ability to maintain services is affected and/or when public access to City lands is restricted.

Formal approval is required from the City of Chestermere to protect the City and public utilities from existing or proposed encroachments. An encroachment agreement is issued for streets, lanes, City-titled lands and easements, if your property qualifies. Owners of the encroachment are required to enter into an agreement with the City or remove the encroachment.
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What do you need to obtain an Encroachment Agreement?

1. A copy of title: Copies may be contained from private registry companies. You need to provide the legal description of the property for which you are seeking a title.

2. A Real Property Report with compliance: Real Property Reports (survey) may be obtained from any Alberta land surveyor. These reports provide a detailed map of a property. We require an original or very clear copy (not reduced).

3. A letter of intent: This is a cover letter explaining why you are applying for an agreement. Highlight any important factors and be sure to refer to the property’s address and legal description, as well as your mailing address and phone number.

4. Fees: Fees for encroachment applications are subject to a schedule in The City of Chestermere Encroachment Policy. Call Community Growth & Infrastructure or email at encroachment@chestermere.ca regarding sending in your Real Property Report to us, we will reply in writing as to which application fee, if any, is relevant to your property.

The fee to apply is $100.00.

Refer to the New Fee Schedule for encroachment agreement fees.

If the feature is not approved, the encroaching feature shall be removed by the owner.

Applications will not be processed if any of these requirements are missing.