Vitality Grants

The Vitality Grant is available to residents and community groups who wish to lead neighbourhood projects, community building projects, festivals or cultural/community events that are inclusive and engage Chestermere residents in active participation. Vitality Grants have been established to encourage community building and inclusion and strengthen connections in neighbourhoods. 

We offer a grant of up to $500 to support your idea to help connect and engage residents in their neighbourhood and communities. We believe that the best people to effect change in a community are the ones within it. 

Please note: For 2021, projects must stay within guidelines mandated by local and Provincial public health regulations. 

Vitality Grants - How it Works


The City of Chestermere’s Community Support Services department facilitates an annual call for project proposals. Grants are reviewed and approved by the Human Services Advisory Board who are made up of appointed, volunteer residents and City Councillors. Project leaders then take the next steps in putting their ideas into action.

The Vitality Grant is grounded in improving the social well-being of individuals, families, and communities and is achieved through asset-based community development. This practice emphasizes local talents, knowledge, and strengths of diverse perspectives help build community.


  • Everyone is invited – Create space for accessibility and inclusion.
  • Partnerships – Seek out volunteers and local partners or sponsors to help make your project a success.
  • Local leadership – The gifts and talents shared by you and your neighbours are instrumental in making your community a better place.


  • Reporting Matters - Have someone on your project team keep track of your budget. Count how many people were impacted by this work and record how this made a significant change in your community/neighbourhood.
  • Accountability – Project leaders will review and agree to roles and responsibilities outlined in a Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Chestermere.
  • Planning, planning, planning – Put time and energy into putting your proposal together. Projects need to be completed in the same year grant is awarded.
  • Community development focus – We want to support initiatives that will enhance the quality of life for residents. Grants cannot fund salaries, fundraising events, or ongoing operating expenditures.
  • Coordination - Event and festival based projects will need to coordinate with the City's event guidelines depending on type and size. Visit Host an Event for specific details.

Vitality Grants - project ideas


Project Idea: Tool Lending Project:
Purpose: Neighbours share tools without having to purchase them for themselves.
Example of How: A Project Lead surveying/organizing what tools the block or neighbourhood could use or would like to have as a block or community sharing program. Purchase the tools and plan where the tools would be kept (maybe the purchase of a shared shed), plan what the usage policies would be and a sign in/out process.
Goal/Outcome (WHY): To enhance/build community connections.

Project Idea: Making Wind Chimes, Bird Houses, or Door Wreaths for the block
Purpose: Acquainting neighbours with each other and creating a community participation event.
Example of How: A Project Lead organizes and purchases materials for the block/neighbourhood families to build or create their own wind chime, bird house, or door wreath.
Goal/Outcome (WHY): The activity promotes families doing something fun together and builds community connections.

Additional Project Ideas:

  • Neighbourhood Clean-up
  • Creating a Free Bike Exchange Program
  • Family Skate
  • Implement a Park Bench for the block
  • Hot Chocolate Neighbourhood Party

Note: some activities would require checking the safety parameters as well as gain City approval in some cases, which would be part of the Lead and Organizers duties.


Step 1: Download and fill out your proposed project budget (proposals will not be accepted without this form attached)
Step 2: Submit your project online using our proposal form before the deadline of September 17, 2021


Contact Craig McLeod to talk about your initiative, eligibility, and proposal.
Email: Phone: 403-207-7050 Ext.7094