Human Services Advisory Board Grants

Chestermere has developed a joint application process for the streamlined administration of Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) and United Way/Chestermere Partnership Funding. This process contributes to finding success in effectively allocating resources and achieving intended results. The application has been developed with prevention, early intervention and community development as foundational program delivery strategies for reaching our overarching goals and priority outcomes.

The Social Investment Framework supports and guides staff and the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB) to allocate resources for the work of Community and Social Development including FCSS and the United Way. Resources can then be invested through a combination of direct service and grants to community service providers to meet the highest priority needs in the community. 

How to Apply 

The application process for 2020 FCSS and United Way/Chestermere Partnership Funding is now closed. Applications for 2021 funding will open in June 2020 and any interested groups or organizations are welcome to apply.

Grants are on a calendar year of January to December with no expectation of continued funding beyond that term. 

FCSS Chestermere

Family and Community Support Services 

Family and Community Support Services is a program of the Government of Alberta, legislated in 1966, which provides funding on an 80% provincial 20% municipal cost-shared basis to municipalities and Metis settlements to develop, support, and/or fund preventative social services within their jurisdictions.
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United Way/Chestermere Partnership


The Human Services Advisory Board oversees the allocation of United Way Partnership funding in Chestermere and are guided by the desired results for communities identified by the United Way of Alberta. These desired results target the most critical needs in communities and will make a significant difference in changing the lives of people experiencing poverty in our community; and the many others at risk.


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