Off-Leash Redevelopment Project

About this Project

We are looking at updating this park to enhance the space and promote healthy interactions between all park users. This project will include adding natural boundaries, low profile fencing, and removal of noxious weeds

Open House Presentation Slides

off leash slides

Background & Timeline

Spring/Summer 2019:

Contractors returned in April 2019 to complete spring landscaping and enhancement of the park. The work included: 

  • Modifying berms, laying sod and seeding
  • Installation of trees and native grasses
  • Installation of split rail fencing along one pathway segment
  • Finalization of secondary trails
  • Addition of a shade sail at the pebble dog beach
  • Addition of picnic tables and garbage cans
Fall 2018: 
Construction is due to start again tentatively Monday, October 22 for approximately three (3) weeks (weather dependent). 
This phase of construction will include:
  1. The installation of a secondary gravel pathway to be located between the existing paved regional pathway and the shoreline from the dog beach, south over the existing wooden bridge to the existing paved pathway just north of the entrance by the library parking lot.
  2. Construction will address existing drainage issues in the park, specifically in areas where stormwater pools on the regional pathway.  Some of these areas being rehabbed will cause a temporary closure on some sections of the pathway. Please respect the posted signage.
  3. Sodded berms to be installed in pinch points between the regional pathway and active dog play areas.
For the safety of all park users, please ensure your dog(s) are kept on-leash during construction.

Summer 2018: 
Footsteps of the dog beach as well as the use of goats for plant management & reclamation of the park. More information here.

Spring 2018:

An Open House was held on May 30 to gather residents’ feedback on the proposed concept for the park. You can view the slides and introductory video above.

Winter 2018: 

In the winter of 2018, City staff secured a consulting team for the project. Repairs to the lake access point for the dogs (a pebble dog beach) were completed while the lake water was lowered. A preliminary conceptual plan was developed in the spring and presented to residents at an open house on May 30. 


Based on the study and public engagement from 2016, City staff created a three year budget which was approved by City Council. Following the budget creation, they created a 'Request for Proposal' and project scope to secure a contractor. 

In 2016, the Parks and Recreation Division presented an off-leash area/dog park management study, as planning for current and future off-leash areas is important in establishing a positive environment for all park users. 

The study included: 
  • Reviewing the suitability of the current dog park location after the research and consultation process has been completed
  • Consulting with residents, experts and other municipalities to inform the findings
Later that year, a survey and Open House was conducted to gain feedback on this space. Thank you to the survey respondents and workshop attendees for the amazing feedback that was received. Parks and Recreation took all the feedback into consideration and consulted with parks and landscape experts to evaluate the space and develop recommendations. 

View this presentation for survey findings. 
View this infographic for workshop results. 


For more information, please contact the City’s Community Recreation Coordinator at (403) 207-2807 or email 

Note: As part of the City's weed management approach to the park,  goats will be visiting the off-leash area three times this summer. More information here