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Get to know your candidates by reading the summaries they have written below or connecting with them using the links provided. Click on a name here to jump directly to that candidate's summary. The official list of candidates can be found here. 

In October, residents of Chestermere will elect a new City Council made up of six members of Council and one Mayor. This Council will serve a four year term from October 2021 to October 2025. 
Note: Contact information and candidate summaries are provided as a convenience to residents. The City bears no responsibility for the accuracy or content of the statements below. The City as an organization is a neutral entity and listings and links do not indicate any endorsement or affiliation with any candidate. 

Candidate Profiles

Candidates for Mayor

Registered candidates may submit brief information about themselves that will be posted here. Please note that except that in the case of submitted profanity or extremely offensive material, information posted is verbatim from candidates and the City of Chestermere bears no responsibility for the views or opinions expressed below. 

For full details of candidate backgrounds and views, please visit their own candidate sites or contact them directly.

Colvin, Jeff


Contact Information
Email: VoteJeff2021@gmail.com
Website: JeffColvin2021.com

About Me: I am the principal and founder of Regional Water Enterprises LP with an area of specialty in utility operations, planning, strategies, and infrastructure development. Prior to founding Regional, I constructed, owned, and operated numerous community real estate projects including residential condominiums, office complexes, hotels, restaurants, and pubs.

I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a focus in Finance and Marketing, with minors in Mathematics and Economics.

Why I am Running for Office: I believe in transparency, intelligent planning, and doing what’s best for all residents. I‘ve called Chestermere home since 2001, and I‘m passionate about dealing with the issues that we‘re all tired of talking about. It’s time for practical solutions and a real plan that will get the job done!

My Views: Please visit my website: JeffColvin2021.com where I outline my 120 Day Promise to you - with 6 of my most critical Hot Button Issues that will be dealt with as soon as I am in office. On my website, I have also included my Mayoral Action Plan where you can read in detail the issues that I will address as soon as possible once I am Mayor.

Young, Michelle


Contact Information
Phone: 403-720-2077
Email: michelle@votemichelle.ca
Website: https://www.votemichelle.ca/

About Me: As a proud Alberta girl being born and raised in Calgary but for nearly twenty years now,  I have called Chestermere home.  For the past four years, I have proudly served as a Councillor for the City of Chestermere,  I have over twenty years experience in administration in many industries and the past ten years I have worked in the telecommunications industry, working my way up to now being the Director of Operations and part owner of UnitedCloud Inc.   

Why I am Running for Office: I have proudly served the residents of Chestermere since 2017 as a city councillor. During that time a lot of hard work was put in to ensure that residents saw lower taxes, a stabilization of utility rates, transparency and better communication. I want to keep those positives trends moving ahead.

My Views: Communication and transparency are key to a trusted relationship between residents, City Council and City Administration. Keeping responsible spending in mind with all decisions and ensuring that the tough questions are asked. Growth is key to a sustainable community. However, responsible development is critical and keeping a ‘just because you can doesn’t mean you should’ mindset. My focus is to make certain that Chestermere is an inclusive, viable and safe place to live, work and play.

Blue Line

Candidates for Councillor

Registered candidates may submit brief information about themselves that will be posted here. Please note that except that in the case of submitted profanity or extremely offensive material, information posted is verbatim from candidates and the City of Chestermere bears no responsibility for the views or opinions expressed below. 

For full details of candidate backgrounds and views, please visit their own candidate sites or contact them directly.

Dean, Shannon

DEANContact Information
Phone: 403-483-0603
Email: vote4shannon2021@gmail.com
Website: www.vote4shannon.com 
About Me:  I started my professional career as a teacher with the CBE and then a vice principal with Palliser. Since moving here 7 years ago, my family and I have grown deep roots in Chestermere. Outside of my professional involvement as Director of Camp Chestermere, my involvement in the community includes being a hockey coach, a CMHA Board member, on the Mayors Task Force for Seniors, Interagency, Rec Coalition, Mental Health Coalition, Seniors Week, Seniors Coalition, and Chamber of Commerce President.

Why I am Running for Office:  I see running for City Council as the next step in my desire to serve the community. I am a big proponent of being involved where my feet are, and my feet are in Chestermere. I would like to see us grow in our recreational opportunities for all ages and opportunities for small and home businesses.

My Views: Amazing communities support strong relationships between stakeholders, have transparency in their governing bodies, have innovative and diverse recreation programs for all ages, and focus on both economic growth and social development. 


Small and Home Business Growth
Recreation and Fine and Performing Arts Programming 
Supports and Recreation for Seniors
Post COVID-19 Mental Health Supports 
Inclusive and Accessible Community
Supporting our great Not-for-Profit Community

Dunn, Laurie


Contact Information
Phone: 403-874-3049
Email: lauriedunnforcouncil@gmail.com
Website: lauriemdunn.com
About Me: My husband and I moved to Chestermere in 1999. We were drawn here for its small town feel and recreation opportunities. We have raised 2 children and been blessed with 2 beautiful granddaughters! I am an entrepreneur at heart having run a successful business for 14 years. Recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, I have found a balance between managing the Calgary Yacht Club, being the volunteer Chair of the Chestermere Food Bank and being present and available for my family.

Why I am Running for Office: As a long time resident, I am passionate about the future of Chestermere. I am a strong believer in community building and engagement as is evidenced by my wide exposure in the business and public arenas and long-time participation in community organizations.

My Views: My highest priorities include:

Business Development
Responsible Growth
Creation of Youth Programs
Seniors Supports
Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility
Preservation and Creation of Recreation and Leisure Opportunities

I strongly believe in the need to ensure a solid, healthy and active community for future generations of Chestermere families through economic and social development. I believe that communication and transparency are essential to meeting these goals.

Foat, Mel


Contact Information
Phone: 403-819-7665
Email: contact@melfoat.ca 
About Me: I have strong roots in the farming industry and have called Chestermere home for the last 13 plus years. Since 2017 I have been honoured to serve as a Councillor for the City of Chestermere and have also held the position of Director for Alberta and North West Territories for the Lions Foundation of Canada.

Why I am Running for Office: Although I have helped bring about positive change at City Hall, I feel there is still work to be done, which the last four years has given me the exposure to bring about. I bring a wealth of corporate experience to the table and a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

My Views: I believe in true transparency, effective communication and proper stewardship of the City of Chestermere’s finances. I work for the residents of Chestermere, with an “open door” approach. Concerns of residents need to be addressed and I will do my upmost to see that concerns are not just raised in Council but addressed in a timely, effective way.

“My business motto is, “ if you are not happy tell me and  if you are happy please tell others”  this has always worked for me.

Funk, BlaineFUNK

Contact Information
Phone: 403-863-2205
Email: blaine4council@gmail.com
Website: www.blainefunk.ca

About Me: I have a broad background including engineering technology, sales and supply chain management with organizations of varying sizes. While studying engineering technology at SAIT, I was able to gain valuable experience working in surveying for water retention and conservation. After graduating, I worked in geomatics and mechanical design work before transitioning to a supply chain role with responsibility for managing over $300 million in inventory assets across multiple locations.

Why I am Running for Office: As a long-time resident of Chestermere who is raising two children here, I have seen irresponsible spending of taxpayer money resulting in increased taxation per household and an excessive debt load per capita. I would like to stop overspending and have clear and transparent reporting.

My Views: Transparency is easy if you don’t have anything to hide. 

I want to support the City of Chestermere to create a plan that will provide residents with first class amenities and services. This can be accomplished by working with developers and businesses. 

Control spending 
Reduce Taxes
Proper review of contract requirements 
Validation of suppliers and bids
Updated transportation plan 
Revise Area Structure Plan (ASP)
More commercial/industrial land along major transportation routes
Reduce Debt

Grant, Murray


Contact Information
Phone: 403-312-6328
Email: vote@votemurray.ca

About Me: As a lifelong member of the Chestermere community, I have experienced our city through many stages of life, from attending Kindergarten at CRRC to now raising my own kids. In addition to this I am a small business owner, I have experienced first hand how difficult the pandemic has been for our local businesses. I believe this gives me valuable perspective that can help us improve life for everyone in Chestermere, but we have to do it together. For more about me please go to www.votemurray.ca

Why I am Running for Office: All government can and should be completely transparent and operated efficiently as possible, providing real value for our hard-earned tax dollars. I want to step up and make sure that the decisions being made for the community were for the right reasons, for the betterment of our community!

My Views: The next 4 years are some of the most important years our community will face. They will decide much of Chestermere’s future identity as we navigate our symbiotic relationship with Calgary. We must do a better job being transparent, we need to openly communicate and share all decisions that are being made, be more fiscally responsible, and invest in recreation. My hope is that this will ensure the future of Chestermere is bright and a vision that we all share in making.

Hanley, Stephen

HanleyContact Information

Phone: (403) 437-2470
Email: stephen@vote4stephenhanley.ca
Website: https://www.vote4stephenhanley.ca/

About Me: I am a retired Senior Financial Partner from a leading North American Railway. Prior to retiring, I lead a team of business and accounting professionals that provided financial support and business operations analytics. During my career, I have lived in many cities. When retiring, my wife and I chose to return to Alberta. We moved to Chestermere in October of 2017 to be closer to family and friends. We have met many wonderful, caring people and care deeply about our community.

Why I am Running for Office: I understand taxpayer’s frustration firsthand. I have stood before council on multiple occasions. I believe that Chestermere deserves open, ethical and trustworthy governance that listens and acts in the best interests of residents.

My Views: I believe good governance is only provided by being efficient, trustworthy, approachable, responsive, consensus oriented and by following the rule of law. Please visit my website: Vote4StephenHanley.ca for more information. Also, please consider joining the Facebook group Chestermere Taxpayers where residents can openly express their views and concerns.

Johal-Watt, Sandy (Sandeep) 

Johal-Watt candidate imageContact Information

Phone: (403) 852-3953
Email: sjwattforcouncil@gmail.com

About Me: Our family of four moved from the high-density neighborhoods of Northern Hills, Calgary to Chestermere in 2014. I have firsthand knowledge of the financial affairs of a city the size of Chestermere with exposure to the Municipal Government Act (MGA), budgeting, forecasting, calculation of the property (mil) rates and day to day accounting and finance. I am well versed in understanding revenue and expenses and how to deep dive into complex financial matters.

Why I am Running for Office: I would like to be actively involved in decisions that move Chestermere forward, advocate for the best interests of the community and pave a sustainable path in partnership with fellow Councilors. My children are my “why”. This generation of young people requires resilient and strong role models.

My Views: As the complexities of running a city increase, it is instrumental for the hard-working residents of Chestermere to have strong representation in Council. As a CPA, I can bring a clear and respectful voice to the table on your behalf. I believe in fiscal accountability, transparency in all transactions/policies new and old and financial stewardship. It would be my fiduciary duty to provide residents with clear and concise information to understand the financial position of the City. 

Kardash, Anna 

Anna Kardash Councillor Candidate

Contact information

Phone: 403-399-1560
Email: a512@shaw.ca

About Me: I am a loving mother, wife, and small business owner. I have spent 20 years as a professional in the Financial sector, managing portfolios valued at over one billion dollars. My husband and I later started a successful Oil and Gas family business and moved to Chestermere. It would be my absolute honor to give back to our community by serving as your Councillor for the City of Chestermere.

Why I am Running For Office: I am running on a grassroots and common-sense policy. My platform is the recollection of the issues that many of you have voices at your doors. I am very passionate about our beautiful and growing city and want to be your voice on the council.

My Views:

Kids And Seniors: Create new recreation areas and facilities, increase school capacity, and build new senior housing.

Small Business: Open the doors to more investment into Chestermere by attracting more businesses to settle here.

Health Care: Push for opening a Hospital in Chestermere, so our residents don't have to drive to a different city in an emergency.

City Infrastructure: Reintroduce paid access to the lake for non-residents and use these profits to maintain the lake. 

Lal, SatishLalContact Information

Phone: 403-519-7255
Email: lalsatish311@gmail.com
Website: www.satishlal.com
About Me: My name is Satish Lal and I have called Chestermere home since 2016 alongside my wife, four children and father. I am an Aircraft Jet Engine Repair Technologist, specialized in Pratt & Whitney Canada turboprop, turbojet and turboshaft engines. I am an expert in operations management and am the direct liaison to Transport Canada for interpretation of aviation maintenance legislations. To me, running for City Council means putting the voice of people into action.

Why I am Running for Office: Running for City Council provides me with an opportunity to devote myself to work towards building a better community, stronger society and a more secure future for our children. I truly believe that the strongest communities are anchored in a spirit of collaboration, diversity and innovation.

My Views: I am running for Council to bring the focus back onto the needs of Chestermere. It’s important to increase diversity within programming, provide more support for Elders, increase opportunities for youth, create equal living conditions for acreages, and be more environmentally responsible. My focus is to not only create a culture of transparency but also accountability. We need to be more fiscally responsible, while maintaining an upward trajectory in sustainable development. We can do this!

Matheson, MorganMatheson

Contact Information
Phone: 403-990-1133
Email: morgan@adrenalineearthworks.ca
Website: www.morganmatheson.com
About Me: My background is in nursing/healthcare and business relations. I have spent the last 20 years balancing both. My husband and I run our own construction company. Started from the ground up, while raising 2 rambunctious boys. Patience is key. Curveballs are constantly thrown your way. Currently, I am a healthcare worker at the Peter Lougheed Hospital. I have learned to think fast and roll with the punches while still maintaining integrity and poise.

Why I am Running for Office: I have been volunteering, advocating and giving back to the community for many years at a grassroots level. I wanted to change my platform to reach as many people as possible to make a real difference. Take action and be the change I, as so many others want to see in Chestermere.

My Views: 
Urban Sprawl - ensuring it is done right.
Better Utilizing the Resources we Have - storm ponds, and the golf course among a few items
Red Tape & Taxes - cutting through the red tape and keeping taxes low
Restoring Our Community - Fixing up parts of Chestermere that need TLC
Teens - Advocating for more resources for our teen population - both physiological and physical well being
Community Involvement - celebrate diversity, get to know our neighbors, shop owners, people within our community

McOuat, Cyndie

Contact Information:

About Me: Chestermere has been my home since 1998; where my husband and I raised two children.  After 25 years as a paralegal with Alberta Justice, I am nearing retirement and I am ready to serve my community.  I have been the Census Coordinator for over 15 years and I have witnessed the rapid growth of our community.  Volunteering has been my passion and I have served on many local and non profit groups. Currently I am an active member of the Seniors Advisory Committee addressing issues in our community.

Why I am Running for Office: In 2007 I was nominated for Town Councillor.  After entering the race I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  My focus became my health and I had to abandon my run for office.  Now, 14 years later, my passion for municipal politics has not waned and I am in a better position to serve our citizens. 

My Views: I have experienced the rapid growth in our community which, at times, has been detrimental to our city and I am seeing it again. I am concerned that we do not have the infrastructure to complement this growth. As a senior, I would like to stay in Chestermere, however I am concerned about the lack of housing and amenities for our elders to age in place. Growth, sustainability and inclusivity are the keys to keeping our community thriving well into the future, but our future must include everyone.

Narayan, Ritesh


Contact Information: 

About Me: I have been a proud resident of Chestermere since 2006 and was elected as a city councilor in 2017. I am a criminal justice and law lecturer in the Department of Economics Justice & Policy at Mount Royal University. I have a Ph.D. in Human Services & Criminal Justice, a Master’s degree in Law, and Bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Law. . I have worked for various law firms but primarily focus on teaching now.

Why I am Running for Office: It has been a pleasure serving the residents of Chestermere since 2017. Since 2017, the residents have seen lower taxes, lower utility rates, sensible growth, and responsible spending. I am running to maintain this stability and pursue the opportunities we have identified during my tenure. 

My Views: Effective communication, transparency, and accountability are pivotal to good governance. I believe that I have worked diligently and displayed integrity and strong dedication as your representative. I believe that our beautiful city has a lot of potentials which remains to be realized. We have stability now which needs to be maintained given the turbulent times. I love our community and ask your support to help me continue the good work. We have only started to become amazing.

Obhrai, Neena

Neena Obhrai

Contact Information: 

About Me: I, Neena Obhrai moved to Calgary with my husband Hon. late Mr. Deepak Obhrai MP in 1977 from East Africa. We dreamt of having a home in the beautiful city of Chestermere and our dream came true in 2010. We've lived, loved and made memories here with my family, kids and grandkids. We enjoy our family time together during the weekends and holidays. I have been a small business owner for over 20 years and a volunteer at the constituency office of MP for 25 years.

Why I am Running for Office: I am looking forward to advocating and serving my community in Chestermere. We have a growing community of children, youth, new parents, seniors in our city and making everyone's opinion heard for a good cause is important. I would bring a balanced approach to our community as one.

My Views: My Agenda as a councillor:
 -Supporting small business owners;
 -Promote senior well-being along with the community;
 -Increase youth engagement, activities and facility;
 -Propose innovative ideas for the community;
 -Implement "safety first" infrastructure for the city.

Sandboe, Janelle


Contact Information: 

About Me: Janelle moved to Chestermere in 2014, where she immediately began volunteering in the community. She is a dedicated volunteer, successful businessperson, and joyful mother. See JanelleSandboe.com/About for more.

Why I am Running for Office: My vision is a Chestermere built from the people, up! After so many years listening to my neighbours talk about what matters most, I have a drive to bring these voices to Council. My experience and education has given me a strong base of knowledge that will allow me to do this! Let's get to work!

My Views: Everything we do must be designed around our unique population. We are a rapidly growing, culturally diverse community with a disproportionate number of young people. Let's preserve and build recreation, strengthen education infrastructure, protect our watershed, and help our businesses thrive. What about you? What are your views? Share via JanelleSandboe.com.