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In October, residents of Chestermere will elect a new City Council made up of six members of Council and one Mayor. This Council will serve a four year term from October 2021 to October 2025. 

  1. When & Where to Vote
  2. Who Can Vote
  3. The Voting Process
  4. About Municipal Government

The 2021 Municipal Election will take place in October 2021.

Voting Days are

  • Sunday, Oct 3, 2021
  • Monday, Oct 4, 2021
  • Wednesday, Oct 13, 2021
  • Saturday, Oct 16, 2021
  • Monday, October 18, 2021

All voting will take place from 8am to 8pm at the Chestermere Recreation Centre. 

More information and details will be provided throughout 2021 and resources can be found using the links below. Please note that elections for school board trustees and a Provincial referendum and Senate election will be happening at the same time.

Special Ballots 

Special ballots are also referred to as Mail-in Ballots. 

Qualifications for a Special Ballot are as follows:

  • You cannot vote on any of the voting days due to a physical disability/ impairment
  • Absence from the local jurisdiction on all voting days
  • You are an election official stationed at a non-resident voting station

You may apply to the Returning Officer for a special ballot in writing, by telephone or by email.  You may also apply in person at Chestermere City Hall. The Returning Officer can be contacted at 403-207-7050 or at