Voting Day Information for Candidates

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Watching the proceedings

Candidates, official agents or an appointed scrutineer are authorized to be present in the polling station to observe the electoral proceedings.

Before entering a voting station, scrutineers must make and subscribe a statement in the presence of the Returning Officer or the Deputy Returning Officer, swearing that they are representing the candidate.

Only one of a candidate, official agent or scrutineer may be present at the voting station at one time to observe the voting process or object to the eligibility of an elector (LAEA s. 69 and s. 70).

Campaigning on the property of the polling station is strictly prohibited. You may not distribute or display campaign materials in or on the Recreation Centre building, parking lot or fence on Advance Voting Days and Election Day (LAEA s.152). Those who post campaign materials in the voting station may be liable to a fine of not more than $500.

Other than objecting to the eligibility of an elector, neither candidates nor their representative may interact with voters or election staff. If a candidate or their representative has a question or concern about the process, it must be directed to the Returning Officer or Deputy Returning Officer.

Voting Requirements

To vote in the Chestermere municipal election, you must:    
  • be a Canadian citizen
  • have resided in Alberta since April 16 (for the 6 consecutive months immediately preceding Election Day) 
  • have your place of residence* located in the City of Chestermere on Election Day.
  • Show ID to verify your identity, name, age and address.
  • In addition to showing identification, every elector, before voting, must complete a statement, in the prescribed form, that he/she is eligible to vote in that election and that she/he has not voted anywhere else. 

* Residence is defined by the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA) as 'the place where the person lives and sleeps and to which, when the person is absent, the person intends to return'. If you need more information on the rules of residence, please see section 48 of the LAEA

Voting Process

  1. Before voting, every voter must produce identification and complete a statement that he/she is eligible to vote in that election and that he/she has not voted anywhere else. 
  2. Then, each voter will be given a paper ballot. 
  3. You can select up to six candidates for Council and one candidate for Mayor.
  4. You will indicate your choice by filling in a circle next to the name of the caVote Tabulatorndidate of your choice. 
  5.  After you have completed selecting the candidates for whom you would like to vote, you will approach a machine, and feed your ballot into the machine.
  6. The machine will scan the ballot, count the votes and provide the results at the end of Election Day.

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Contact the Returning Officer by emailing or call (587) 830-2842.

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