Mobile Adventure Playground

The Chestermere Mobile Adventure Playground is a UNIQUE way to play in Chestermere!

What is a mobile adventure playground and why is it important?

Mobile Adventure Playgrounds are outdoor play spaces consisting of loose parts and found items for children to explore without adult intervention. Recreation and child development studies across North America are showing that children are often being over scheduled in structured programming and that we are seeing a decline in opportunities for children to engage in free-play that is essential to their healthy development.

* All children 18 years of age and under are welcome!

  1. Things you should know:
  2. Schedule 
  • This is a FREE play opportunity
  • Whenever the playground is open, there will be on-site program staff to serve as play ambassadors. Please keep in mind that these staff will supervise but are not there to direct or facilitate play. Parents need to be presentthis is not a drop-off program
  • We treat this playground like any other playground in the City. Your child's participation at our adventure playground acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of the risks associated with playing there
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