Goals & Objectives

Chestermere Fire Services (CFS) has identified the following goals and objectives to ensure we provide premium emergency response to our community: 

  • Provide a timely response for all emergency services, utilizing highly-trained, skilled and efficient practice
  • Reduce the incidence of injury, loss of life, and property damage by providing effective emergency mitigation services, public education programs, and fire prevention services and programs.
  • Conform to Government Acts, Regulations, City Bylaws, and policies thereby mitigating liabilities / losses to the City’s assets attributed to personal, property or environment litigations
  • Be responsive to local and global economics so that our service model reflects the needs of the community we serve and the changing technologies that influence cost effective delivery of services to recognized standards. 
  • Acknowledge and seek to balance the interest of private and corporate clients, employees, suppliers and the public at large, taking into account their differing social, cultural and economic characteristics.
  • Maintain the highest standards Pride, Professionalism and Proficiency in the conduct of all phases of the Fire Service business.