Proclamations declare special days, weeks or months for community campaigns or programs requested by registered, non-profit organizations, groups, committees or societies and are granted by the Mayor and City Council. 

All proclamations will be posted to this page.

Council has made the following proclamations:




Request a Proclamation

All Proclamations and Letters of Support must be made through the Office of the Mayor, in writing, and must be received at least 7 days prior to the desired date of Proclamation or submission. Please do not submit a request earlier than one month prior to the desired date. 

All requests must contain a draft copy of the wording of the Proclamation. A request for Proclamation must meet all of the following criteria:

a. The sponsoring agency be a local business, not-for-profit organization or a City initiative. 

b. There must be a charitable component to the cause;

c. The cause be a benefit to the majority of Chestermere residents.

For further information, please see Policy 839.

All requests can be made by email, mail or in-person to Chestermere City Hall:


The Office of the Mayor

105 Marina Road

Chestermere, Alberta


The Office of the Mayor



The Office of the Mayor

You can deliver your written proclamation to Chestermere City Hall front reception (105 Marina Road)