Proposed Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw Amendments for Compact Development                                          Bylaws 020-20 and 019-20                                  

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Chestermere Council is considering two new bylaws that would affect the types of housing offered in new communities.


Official details about these amendments are below but if you'd like to have your say, please send your comments in advance of the public hearing to

  1. Notice of Public Hearing
  2. Bylaw 019-20: Land Use Bylaw Amendments for Compact Development
  3. Bylaw 020-20: Municipal Development Plan Amendment for Planned Lots

Pursuant to the provisions of Section 692 of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter M-26 of the Revised Statutes of Alberta, 2000, and amendments thereto, the Council of the City of Chestermere is considering two Bylaws for adoption:

1. Bylaw 019-20: Land Use Bylaw Amendments for Compact Development in Future Growths Areas 

                Public Hearing Start Time:  6:00p.m. Tuesday September 1, 2020

                Scope Summary of proposed Bylaw 019-20: 

  • Creation of a Development Areas Overlay, differentiating between the Existing Development Areas and Future Development Areas of Chestermere;
  • Application of more compact development standards for new residential development in the Future Development Areas;
  • Protection of the lower-density development standards in the Existing Development Areas.

                 Detailed Scope of proposed Bylaw 019-20:

  • Development Permit exemption and new design requirements for freehold street-oriented townhouses 
  • New construction standards for parking pads provided with a new home
  • Addition of secondary suites as a discretionary use in the R-2 and R-1PFD districts
  • Reduction to required on-site parking for semi-detached and townhouse developments
  • Allowance for accessory building eaves to encroach into side yards
  • Reduced setback requirements for principal buildings in several districts
  • Reduced setback requirements for accessory buildings in several districts
  • Reduced minimum lot areas in several districts, as a result of reduced setback requirements
  • Reduced minimum lot width in several districts, as a result of reduced setback requirements
  • Increased allowable lot coverages in several districts

 These proposed Land Use Bylaw amendments have been submitted at the request of the development industry, in an   effort to reduce housing prices and enable developers to better respond to market demand in the Future Development   Areas.  The intent of the amendments is to allow for more compact development in Future Development Areas, to  

  compete with similar housing products that are available in nearby municipalities.  The majority of the amendments 

  are not proposed to apply to the Existing Development Areas, where residents already live, and therefore would not 

  significantly affect the character of existing neighbourhoods.

2. Bylaw 020-20: Municipal Development Plan Amendment for Planned Lot Development

Public Hearing Start Time:  6:30p.m. Tuesday September 1, 2020

Scope of proposed Bylaw 020-20:

  • Removal of the limit to the amount of Planned Lot development that can be included within an Outline Plan area. 

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Section 3.4.4 Planning New Communities, contains policy direction for the design and land use composition of new residential neighbourhoods.  Policy enables developers to include relatively compact “Planned Lot” development in new neighbourhoods, but also limits the percentage of such development relative to the total amount of single-family housing.  The applicant, on behalf of the broader development industry, has submitted a request for amendment of the MDP to remove this limit on Planned Lot development.  This would allow developers to better respond to the high market demand for smaller, narrow lot single-detached housing in new communities.  


Proposed Amendment to MDP Policy To provide a range of housing choices and meet various housing needs, the City shall support “Planned Lot” development offering smaller lot, single-detached housing within Residential Neighborhood. Planned Lots shall adhere to the following conditions:

  1. Shall not comprise more than 35% of the single-family housing within an Outline Plan.
  2. Should be dispersed throughout an Outline Plan, where appropriate, to avoid concentrations of such housing in any one area, and promote integration of these developments throughout the community.
  3. Design Guidelines for Planned Lots shall be established at the Outline Plan stage.


Public Hearings will be held on TUESDAY September 1st, 2020; at 6:00 p.m. for Bylaw 019-20, and 6:30 p.m. for Bylaw 020-20, for the purpose of considering verbal and/or (preferably) written representations from interested individuals or groups affected by the proposed Land Use Bylaw Amendments.  


The proposed amendments represent significant changes from the past approach to residential development in Chestermere.Administration strongly encourages feedback and participation from the public and development industry on these bylaws to help inform Council’s decision.

Please note that Public Hearing proceedings have been changed due to COVID-19. We request participants to make written submissions prior to the Council meeting. Participation during the meeting will also be accommodated electronically. Please review the Council agenda, which will be published at on Friday August 28th, 2020, prior to the Council meeting, or visit for bylaw information. Should you wish to make a written submission and/or participate electronically, please register with your name, address, telephone number, the bylaw you will be speaking to, and whether you are speaking in favour or in opposition by emailing 

If you are not already registered when the Public Hearings begin but still wish to make representation for a bylaw, please email with the above information. A member of staff will call you during the appropriate Public Hearing so that you can make your representation to Council. Please be available by your phone in anticipation for this call. The Mayor will address you to speak once you are on the line.  Further information regarding the above may be obtained by contacting the Community Growth and Infrastructure Department at 403-207-7075.

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