Subdivision & Development Approvals and Appeals

Approval Authorities

The City of Chestermere’s Subdivision and Development Authorities are established by bylaw pursuant to the Municipal Government Act of Alberta for the purpose of exercising subdivision and development powers and duties on behalf of the City.

The Subdivision and Development Authorities of the City of Chestermere are:

1. Subdivision Authority consists of the Subdivision Officer (designated Planning staff) and the Chestermere Planning Commission (CPC)

2. Development Authority consists of the Development Officer (designated Development staff) and the CPC. For decisions within Direct Control Districts, City Council is the Development Authority.


The City of Chestermere's Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) is responsible for hearing appeals on subdivision and development decisions made by either the Subdivision Officer, the Development Officer or the Chestermere Planning Commission (CPC). 

The structure, functions and duties of the board are outlined accordance with the Municipal Government Act.

What can be appealed?

1. Subdivision decisions made by the Subdivision Officer or CPC,
2. Development decisions made by the Development Officer or CPC
3. Enforcement Stop Orders issued by the Subdivision Officer, Development Officer or CPC

Who can appeal a subdivision decision?

1. Applicant for the subdivision,
2. A Government department required by the subdivision and development regulations to be referred to as part of the subdivision review,
3. A school board with respect to municipal and/or school reserves and,
4. City Council.

A subdivision may not be appealed by an adjacent neighbour and/or an affected party.

Who can appeal a development decision?

 1. The applicant for the development, or
2. Person(s) who is/are deemed affected by a decision of the Development Authority

A development decision made by Council in a Direct Control (DC) district cannot be appealed to SDAB.

How must an Appeal be filed?

Subdivision decision appeals may be commenced by filing a notice of appeal (as attached below) within 14 days after receipt of the written decision of the subdivision authority, to the Secretary of the SDAB. The receipt of a subdivision decision is deemed to be 7 days from the date the decision is mailed. 

Development decision appeals may be commenced by filing a notice of appeal  (as attached below) within 21 days after the date on which the written decision is given. The Notice of Appeal Form attached below, prompts the appellant (person filing the appeal) to provide the address and the reasons for the appeal. 

Fee Schedule

Development Notice of Appeal Form

Subdivision Notice of Appeal Form