2021 Budget

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Watch all the 2021 Budget Meetings at www.chestermere.ca/agendas. Presentations will be added here when they are available.

  • Tuesday November 24th: Initial Financial Plan Presentation
  • Tuesday December 1st: Respond to Council queries and provide additional information & Council Deliberations
  • Tuesday December 8th: Additional meeting, if needed
  • Tuesday December 15th: 
    • Approval of Operating & Capital Budget 2021 
    • Approval of Operating Plan 2022-2023 and Capital Plan 2022-2025

Another 2% Tax Cut for Chestermere

Posted on: December 3, 2019

Christmas came early for Chestermere residents as City Council passed a 2% tax cut as part of the 2020 budget.

The decision made at the Tuesday night Council meeting means that residents will receive a municipal tax cut for the second year in a row. 

Council also reduced a 2018 planned 2% increase down to 0.9%.

“We were proud to have brought in a 2% tax cut in 2019 and are thrilled we could bring another 2% tax cut for 2020,” says Chestermere Mayor Marshall Chalmers.

“In Alberta, we are all trying to find the best path forward in these challenging economic times. We know our residents need relief and we are committed to doing our part to find made-in-Chestermere solutions.”

City officials say that the second successive year of cuts was made possible by breaking down internal silos in the organization, ensuring that growth projections matched the economic environment, and carefully reviewing all proposed projects, positions and programs to find more ways to be effective.

“Our community’s vision is to be amazing,” says Mayor Chalmers. “That includes being amazing at finding efficiencies and being amazing at reducing spending when necessary. We believe that the 2020 budget we passed tonight will help us achieve our goals as we continue to listen to our residents’ needs.”

While there is a 2% cut in the 2020 operating budget, the City still plans to pursue improvements to the community including:

  • The 2020 portion of the Township Road 240 upgrade (east to west from Rainbow Road to Range Road 284)
  • Resurfacing Rainbow Road from the WID canal south to Township Road 240
  • Adding new pathways
  • A skate park upgrade
  • Upgrading the City’s signage (and adding more digital speed reduction signs)
  • Internal upgrades including improving IT security and replacing aging vehicles and equipment
Tax Cut Graphic

As with the 2019 Budget, no capital projects will be funded by property taxes.

The City’s budget, presented by the Chief Administrative Officer Bernie Morton and Chief Financial Officer Brenda Hewko, contained a restrained approach to spending but an immense vision for improvement and innovation.

“As an organization, we aren’t going to be satisfied with the status quo,” said Morton. “In everything we do, we want to be better than we were. To achieve that, we need to think creatively and strategically. The 2020 budget is just one example of how we are doing that and striving to be the most amazing community in Canada.”

2020 Budget Preparation

Cover Image for Budget 2020 final

Participation is Closed

The 2020 Budget Discussion is now closed. Thank you for participating. Head over to www.chestermereconversations.ca to see the final report. 


2019 Budget Information

Tax Cut! Chestermere makes waves with municipal tax decrease 

Posted December 6, 2018 

On Tuesday, December 4, Chestermere City Council dropped the 2019 municipal tax rate by 2%.

“Council heard loud and clear that the community was looking for relief from municipal taxes,” says Chestermere Mayor Marshall Chalmers. “We have worked hard to find savings and are pleased to bring that relief.”

The efforts to cut taxes began last January when the City’s newly elected Council set a Strategic Plan that included a goal to ‘ensure responsible City spending to mitigate tax increases’.

In addition, the City conducted budget consultation in the summer of 2018 and asked residents how they would ‘slice the budget pie’. Most respondents indicated that they would like to see reductions in the budgets of most service areas.

When the City’s brand new Chief Administrative Officer, Bernie Morton, began work in the summer of 2018, he was determined to do what it took to achieve those goals.

“As part of this budget, we took into consideration ways we could be more effective, more efficient and more outcome focused,” says Morton. “There have been some difficult decisions we had to make but the result is a budget that provides better value for residents’ tax dollars.” 

Morton explains that the reduction was achieved primarily through improved efficiencies, personnel adjustments and realigned projects.

While savings and efficiencies were found, Mayor Chalmers is pleased to let residents know that it doesn’t mean that services will be reduced.

“After we set our Strategic Plan, we took a fresh look at what we are doing to ensure all those items aligned with our Strategic Plan. With that in mind, we were able to find efficiencies and still progress our priorities,” says Mayor Chalmers.

Thanks for slicing the pie

Tax Cut

2019 Major Projects

  • Completion of Township Road 240
  • Digital signs to assist with speed reduction
  • Improvement of the City’s Asset Management System
  • Lakefront Parks Project Extension
  • Pavement Rehabilitation of West Chester Boulevard
  • Protective Services equipment upgrade
  • Records Management Improvements
  • Replacement of Fire Engine 116
  • Security Upgrade at Public Works
  • Storage Facility Improvements (to improve life of equipment)
  • Trails / Active Transportation Plan
  • Transit Feasibility Study
  • Upgrade of Chestermere Boulevard to Urban 2-Lane
  • Upgrades to the Off-Leash Park

Budget Process (Fall 2018)

Join us for public budget meetings and find out how Council chooses to slice the pie! All meetings will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall. 

Download a copy of the Chestermere Accounting Dictionary for a reference guide during the meetings. 

Budget Meeting Times social

October 30 Meeting:  

Read the agenda for the meeting here.

Take a look at the presentation slides here*

November 5 Meeting: 

Read the agenda for the meeting here

Take a look at the presentation slides here*

November 13 Meeting:

Read the agenda for the meeting here

Take a look at the presentation slides here*

*Note: These slides are a preliminary presentation and have not been approved or adopted by Council as the final budget. Information is subject to change and forecasts are not finalized.

Budget Engagement (Summer 2018)

This past summer, all residents were invited to pull up a seat to the table and let us know how you think we should set the budget. 

Here are the results of what you said:

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