Water & Wastewater


The City of Chestermere is committed to providing safe and reliable access to potable (drinking) water for our residents and businesses.

Treated water from the City of Calgary is supplied to an underground reservoir in Chestermere at the corner of Merganser Dr. West and Rainbow Rd. Water is distributed throughout the City from the central reservoir and pump station. The distribution system includes 75 km of water mains, associated valves, fire hydrants, and individual service connections.

Each home has a water meter installed to measure and record the amount of water used within your home or business. You are charged for the amount of water you use, and the quantity and rate are listed on your monthly utility bill.

Contact Us: Have questions about your water or need to turn off your water for a renovation? Contact us at 403-207-7071.

View or download the City's Water and Wastewater Service Guidelines.

Water Main Flushing

EPCOR annually conducts unidirectional flushing of the water lines in Chestermere. This water main cleaning process is part of regularly scheduled maintenance and ensures residents have clean and clear drinking water coming from their taps. The process involves flushing water lines in a particular area and involves the systematic closing of valves and opening of hydrants to create a single direction of flow. 

During the flushing process, residents can expect temporarily cloudy water or low water pressure for the duration of the flush in your area. Your water won't be turned off, and you'll continue to receive uninterrupted water service to your home.

Read more information from EPCOR on unidirectional flushing. 

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Water meters measure and record the amount of water used within your home or business. Typically, water meters have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years and are installed inside your utility room where the water pipe enters the building from the ground – usually in the basement.

Some of our meters are manually read while others can be read remotely. They have electronic reading devices that allow the meter reader to drive or walk past your home and pick up the meter reading without entering the property. 

Requesting water meter access

Reasonable efforts will be made to read water meters every month. However, in circumstances when a meter read is not obtained, an estimate (based on an average of the past six months of consumption) will be calculated for your bill.

If an estimate is required for more than two consecutive months, the City may contact you to request access to the water meter to obtain an actual read; to complete a physical inspection; or for other purposes as required, incidental to the provision of water services.

Water Meter Reading Accuracy

Any time a customer raises a concern that their meter may have been misread, the City is able to manually reread the meter. The reading from the manual dials on the meter is always the official reading and will be used to adjust your bill if there is a problem. A manual read will also let us know if there have been any previous billing errors due to incorrectly recorded readings.

Wastewater (Sewer)

Water becomes wastewater when it runs down a drain or toilet. Wastewater is collected from homes and commercial buildings throughout Chestermere via a series of underground pipes. This wastewater, or sewage, eventually flows to a lift station by gravity, where it is pumped from the lift station to a higher elevation, and eventually from the last lift station to the City of Calgary for treatment at their wastewater treatment plant.

For more information on the complex processes that returns Chestermere’s wastewater to the environment, click here.

Help Keep Our Sewage System Running

Putting fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) down the sink can clog your pipes, reduce plumbing flow and harm our wastewater infrastructure. 

DO NOT dispose of fats, oils, and grease in your sinks, drains or toilets!

You can dispose of solidified fats, oil and grease in your green cart:

  • Scrape your plates and dishes into your kitchen compost pail before washing
  • Solidify fats and grease by cooling it at room temperature or in the fridge / freezer.
  • Wipe your cooking equipment and solidify your oil by mixing it with an absorbent material such as a paper towel or napkin, sawdust or kitty litter; put the mixture in a certified compostable bag or paper bag.
  • Dispose of fats, oil and grease in your green cart.

Liquid oils can be disposed of at the Eco Centre. 

Bulk Water

If you large quantities of water, it can be purchased at bulk rates. Click here to view our bulk water rates. 

Download a Bulk Water Application here.

To rent a Bulk Water Meter, please download, print and complete this application. Once complete, please email it to utilities@chestermere.ca or bring it to City Hall.